Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 6: Week Of Giving Thanks

Ahhhh, Saturday! 

• Run for 6 miles for 50 minutes today! I can't believed I am running 6 miles again. I had runner's knee problem and I thought I will not be able to run 6 miles ever again! Yay, Thank you Lord for giving me motivation and opportunity to run!

• IPod is an important part of my running. It keeps me pump up and it records my miles. Thanks for the IPod!

• Sweat + Cool air = ahhhhh

• Had a 1.50 miles walk after jogging! How intoxicating the sound of nature is!

• I have been running close to 3 years now and I am thankful I figure out what type of clothes to layer during cold season. Before,  I would bundle up before a run and I would stripped every layer I had on after covering a mile. Now, I perfectly figure out the "just-right-without-having-to-stop-because-it's-too-hot" layering.

•I am thankful for that water fountain nearby when I run. It promises energy when you needed it most. Thanks for the water.

• Apparently, IPod turns off on extremely cold or extremely hot weather. It was 25 degrees this morning and I accomplished 6 miles without it turning off on me! I wrapped it up with gloves and occasionally put it in my armpit to warm it up! Haha! True story! 

•  Thanks for the rock music that keeps me pump up. It sure did help me reached my 6-mile goal under an hour. 

• Thanks for the friendly runners that smile at me and greeted me good morning. They keep me motivated to run. Most of the runner I see are somewhat 50 years old or so. If they can do it, why not us, youngsters? 

• Stayed inside and I am having a Big Bang Theory marathon. I got the 5 seasons of BBT as a gift a year or so ago. What a cool way to spend Saturday.

My kind of Saturday. For this,  I am thankful.

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