Friday, November 29, 2013

Day 5 : A Week of Giving Thanks

Black Friday here and if you read my pledge, you might be thinking if I did it. Hmmm.

Things I am thankful:

• I didn't spend a single cent today! Two Black Fridays in a row,baby!

• Nothing beats the feeling of being productive.

• Thanks for the electricity. Like the Internet, this is a great invention,too. Imagine life without it. 

• Thank you Lord for making life comfortable.

• Thank you God for having more than enough. 

• Thanks for the gift of silence.

• Thanks for the sumptuous dinner.

• Ending my day watching Big Bang Theory and Dead Files. Nice to end my day with a laugh and and a scare. 

• Thank you for today, Lord. Thanks for the bed and the covers. I am looking forward for tomorrow. 

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