Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Giving In

I bought a pair of sneakers! I don't need to post this but for somewhat uncurable "kuripot" like me, this is a milestone!

I mentioned that I have enough Chucks to last me a lifetime but, I  found myself wanting to buy sneakers just because. I want to buy "something" that I know I would be guilty to see if setting aside money as a "Me Fund" works, and that "something" is anything Converse. Hey, I work to live and not live to work. I should enjoy these small pleasures, eiy

This purchase isn't helping with my minimalist journey but I heard a hardcore minimalist saying that find "something" you want to collect and just collect that "something" as much as you can. He even said that if you are into rainbow and unicorns then ,by all means, collect anything rainbow and unicorns but don't collect anything beyond that. That statement gave me a time to breath and it made me think of my love for sneakers so yay for me and minimalism! I would collect sneakers and nothing else.

The pair that I  just purchased reminded me so much of my first sneakers when I was in high school. I do have similar color of sneakers too when I was in college. Though I can't afford Chucks at that time but I was a sneaker-wearer even then.

I got this one 50 percent off, from 50 dollars to 25 dollars. It's a spring/summer color and it's fall/winter now so they need to let go of last season's sneakers so I guess it was a good deal. Surprisingly, I didn't have "buyer's remorse" afterwards! Does this mean that my addiction to saving money is now cured?!  If so, I'd like to thank my "Me Fund" for that! 

Yay, for my 10th pair. No buying remorse 'til now! Double yay!

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