Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 1: A Week of Giving Thanks

This Thursday is Thanksgiving day! A day of lotsa eating for most people. A day of turkey and family gathering .

I would like to celebrate Thanksgiving 2013 by posting series of random stuffs I am grateful for.

And here it is:

• I thank God for keeping my family safe during typhoon Haiyan. They survived unscathed with just a minor roof problem. Thank God!

• I'd like to thank the Big Guy for the ability and the opportunity to do wealth. I thank God for my job.

• I thank God for my job that lets me read when it's not too busy. Reading honed my finance skill.

•I thank God for the free books-- library.

• I thank God for letting me meet people who have become my mentors. 

•I thank God that I discovered the value of saving and investing at an early age.

•I thank God for my low-maintenance mother who don't go into debt just to show off.

• I thank God for my shoes that takes me to places and makes me comfy while I run.

• I thank God for the place that I have been staying which is walking distance to  an acres of jogging trail.

• I thank God for my little brother for being patient when his ate goes on a death-rants about small stuffs. Note to self: Don't sweat the small stuffs.

• I thank God for my mom who keeps me grounded.

• I thank God for making me realized that no amount of money in the world that can fill the emptiness within me. 

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