Thursday, July 4, 2013

Frugal tip: Jogging as a Pastime

 The chirping of the birds, the sound of a rushing river, the sight of the green trees, the audible sound of a woodpecker pecking a tree trunk, the chipmunks and squirrel carrying and collecting acorns, the geese and the occasional turtle here and there- these and a good run are what I look forward every weekend.

Jogging for 6 miles every weekend has been my form of relaxation. I am an early-riser and I would hit the trail as early as possible, but I do exercise caution coz you never know if there is a bad guy lurking nearby. I stay in an area where there are lots of jogger and Park Rangers just to be safe.

I used to jog 12 miles (6 miles Saturday and 6 miles Sunday), but I suffered from runner's knee which was super painful. I even thought of giving up jogging because of the pain. So, I settled for a 6-mile weekend run (3 miles Saturday and 3 miles Sunday).

I don't listen to any music while jogging, but I do carry with me my iPod Touch with a Nike + App that records my miles and average pace.

Started recording my runs since March of last year, but I have been running long before that

I also carry my IPod to snap a picture occasionally.

A Misty Winter Morning

A Frozen River
A Frozen Pond

A Rare Black Squirrel

The beautiful green

I will miss these kind of stuffs once I'll be back to the Philippines. I thank God for letting me experience what it feels likes to be living in a country with four seasons.

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