Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cinderella Man

I slept late last night. I was watching a movie entitled Cinderella Man. Admittedly, I cried. Such a very nice and inspiring  movie with great actors,too.

The movie is about the boxer James J. Braddock who went through Great Depression. He lost everything, from stocks to his taxi business. He broke his hand and resorted to an odd job as a laborer in the port. He gets second chance as a boxer in a time when America needed a hero. It was the saddest time in the history of America. Poverty was everywhere. 

It made me think what if we go through Great Depression, are we able to survive? Since I am investing in the stock market, it made me think that stocks could plummet next to nothing  and what's next? It made me think that Great Depression could happen anytime and we should put that possibility in the back of our mind.

Guys, watch the movie and be moved. It will surely make you realize that no matter how unfulfilling your job is , you should be thankful coz at least, it put food on the table.

A great movie worth watching. While watching,put a box of Kleenex next to you, you would reach for it,  for sure.

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  1. Great movie. Russell Crowe is a great actor. Very inspiring and touching. Anyway this be it for now, some idiot fan in Africa lowblowed me. Need to rest.


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