Sunday, July 14, 2013

App that Monitors Stocks

I am not techy and I am not the type of investor who constantly check and monitor  the movement of the stock market. But one day, while I was tinkering the App Store for a free apps to try, I found and installed a free app that deals with stock market. Hey, it's free and it has high ratings, why not try? It turns out to be a good one. Yay!

This is how it works:

Click the Stock Finder (encircled) and type in Enter Company box ( encircled). For Philippine listed stocks, type the ticker symbol then ":PM". Above picture has companies that I recently searched. 

Let's say we are searching for Jollibee Food Corp. stock. You type in Enter Company box       JFC:PM

After typing JFC:PM ,this page will pop-up.

When you want to see the chart, just rotate the screen and it should look like this: 

It has chart for one day, one month, 6 months etc...

This is my favorite part of the app My Stocks where you can record the Position and the price of the certain stock you bought. If you want to enter those infos, the screen will look like this :

I covered my stocks for privacy purposes 

When you are done putting all the infos, you can track if you are negative or positive. 

In my almost three years of investing life, I only traded twice. Through this app, I am able to know how much my gains are. Example, I bought SM stocks 2 years ago, which was PHP 500 per stock and the present market value is PHP 1000+, I am over 100% gain. :) 

I am loving this app. It feels good looking at how much I have gained over time. It is really true that time is our ally when it comes to investing.

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  1. I generally just use Bloomberg (I downloaded this app both in my phone and laptop). It's ridiculous just how many times I check the PSEi during workdays LOL! It used to bother a lot whenever the market is declining, but these days I always try to find a silver lining regardless of the results -- when the market is up I am (naturally) ecstatic because it means I get to earn more; when it's down, I tell myself it's still good because I can buy more shares (via my EIP).


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