Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Comparing Prices: VEGGIES (Landers VS. Robinsons VS. SM Hypermarket VS. Wet Market)

Comparing prices for veggies that I regularly buy. 

Where do you shop? 


First picture: Landers
Second picture: Robinsons
Third picture: SM 
No picture for veggies from wet market. You can refer to my previous wet market posts for prices. 


Prices vary talaga. More than 50 percent higher ang mga supermarkets compared to wet market. The price of convenience nga naman no? Here's the result of my careful comparison, from cheapest to most expensive:

1. Wet Market
2. SM Hypermarket
3. Landers
4. Robinsons


Landers: Php 188.75/ kg 
Robinsons: Php 62/kg
SM Hypermarket: Php 75/kg
Wet Market: Php 40/kg

White Onion

Landers: Php 89.75/kg
Robinsons : Php 160/kg (See the picture above for reference)
SM Hypermarket: Php 97/kg
Wet Market: Php 60/kg


Landers Php 144.75/kg
Robinsons Php 185/kg (See the first set of pictures for reference)
SM Hypermarket Php 123/kg
Wet Market Php 70/kg 

Baguio Beans

Landers Php 109.75/ kg 
Robinsons Php 80/kg
SM Hypermarket Php 78/kg 
Wet Market Php 50/kg


Landers Php 52.75/kg
Robinsons Php Php 69/kg
SM Hypermarket Php 48/kg
Wet Market Php 10 each 


Landers Php 99.75/kg
SM Hypermarket Php 90/kg 
Wet Market Php 56/kilo 


Landers Php 99.75/kg
Robinsons Php Php 62/kg
SM Hypermarket  Php 52/kg
Wet market Php 40/kg 


  1. We buy our groceries from Landmark. Prices there are cheaper than Savemore, Shopwise, and Robinsons Supermarket.

  2. Wet market is really cheaper than those in supermarket but I once saw an old vendor from Carbon who uses canal water to wash her veggies. Better plant you own veggies nlng or atleast sa supermarket nlng bumili.

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