Wednesday, May 16, 2018

BPI Express Credit Card: How to Reverse Annual Membership Fee (No Threats Required)

Thanks to the person who commented about this trick on my post "BPI Express Credit Card Detailed Timeline: From Application to Delivery"
 Whoever you are, your advice worked! :) I didn't have to threat the costumer service in order to reverse the annual membership fee! :)

The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi! Is there anything I can do to cancel my annual membership fee? 
CS: Hold on one moment, Ma'am. Let me see what I can do with that. 

Few seconds later....

CS: Okay ma'am. I already waived your credit card annual fee for this year. You will be able to see the refund next month. 

Note: I called on May 5th. I got the refund on May 8th.

Simple as that. 

My advice: You shouldn't delay reversing your annual membership fee. Once you found out that you have been billed for that, you should call the costumer service right away. I think that's why my friend wasn't able to successfully ask for reversal because she was billed two months ago na. 

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