Sunday, February 18, 2018

PhilHealth+ Senior Citizen: From Php 28,000 down to Php 1,200

I went to my hometown to attend my grandmother's birthday party, but she was hospitalized a day before her birthday.

I was there when she got discharged so I was thinking that I will pay for her hospital bill as my gift to her. My initial thought was she might pay around Php 6,000 but I was shocked to see that she was going to only pay Php 1,200. 

From 28,000 to 1,200?! Very cool!

So I paid for it plus I gave her Php 3,000 as my birthday present to her.

Gumaganda ang PhilHealth and Senior Citizen discount, ah!


  1. Philhealth has definitely improved! Ang laking tulong talaga niya.

  2. Malaking tulong talaga ang Philhealth. Covered na rin sana yung 7k plus charges ko per session sa onco unit kaso nagbago sila ng rules this 2018. But agreed naman ako na nag-improved kasi malaki na rin nakakaltas sa mga pasyente sa hospital ngayon.


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