Monday, November 13, 2017

Living Simply OR Earning More

"Living a simple, boring life OR earning more and experience finer things in life," I have been contemplating on that question for quite some time now and it makes me wonder, do we really have to choose between the two? Can we find a sweet spot? 

Life has gotten boring lately. I really want to travel more, but my budget won't allow me to do that. I want to buy a washing machine, but I don't have extra cash set aside for that. I want to install some blinds because even though my house faces an awesome view, the afternoon sun is killing me, but then again I don't have extra money for that.

You see, all of those things I want I can forego in the name of voluntary simplicity. I still want to take my daily afternoon nap. I still want to enjoy my time with my dogs. I enjoy my mornings with a cup of coffee in my hand while watching the sunrise. 

I am enjoying this simple, laid-back, slow life but I am still saving up for a washing machine. 


  1. I think that's the irony of life.. :-)

    I am a full-time working mom so washing machine is a need for me. It frees up some of my time on weekends which I better spend with my son rather than spending half day washing clothes by hands.

    I love to travel but I cannot travel for weeks and months due to work constraints.

    Honestly I have come to terms with my life - that indeed life is a trade-off.

    I cannot have everything but I have the choice to prioritize what matters to my life.


  2. Hope you can update us also with the washing machine. I'm wondering if there's a washing machine that comes with a dryer or something para hindi na kailangang pigaan.
    Our used washing machine might kick the bucket some time sooner. I hope not.

    And by the way, what kind of tea do you prefer? Chamomile tea is good and so is Kombucha (fermented home-made tea).

  3. Hi,

    I think I might want to put something on the window to block the Sun, like an old discarded carton box. :-)




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