Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Why I Kicked My Little Brother Out and Where Is He Now...

I am a notorious "brother kicker". I kicked my eldest brother out because the relationship had become so toxic and it was beyond repair. I did everything I could. I explained it in one of my posts so feel free to dig it out. Two months ago, I kicked my youngest brother out because he didn't have work for almost a year, he stole my money in so many occasions and we just fight and fight almost everyday. I gave him an ultimatum "If you won't be able to find a job within a month, you have to leave the house". For a month, he was scrambling to find work and when a month came, I stood my ground and let him leave. He didn't beg at all, I cried secretly and was tremendously hurt by this whole situation, but I stood my ground. I gave him money and so off the little birdie went. 

Fast forward two months later, we saw each other yesterday. It was his birthday yesterday so I treated him dinner and Chatime and oh man how the little birdie has change a lot.... for the better. I am so, so proud of him.  He is now working and he is renting a room a stone's throw away from his work (IT Park). All is good for him and I couldn't be happier. 

Sometimes you got to do what you got to do no matter how emotionally hard it is. Life is a series of ups and downs, relationships get broken, some are worth repairing, others... well, it's best to just cut it for good.  You either remain to be a doormat or you give the doormat a little shaking. Most of the time, based on my experience, it's best to do the latter. 


  1. Can relate much, Ms. Maria! Same problem with my brother pero hindi ko siya ma teach ng lesson because my mom keeps on defending him. What to do?

  2. I'm sure your little brother must be thanking you right now for your tough love.

    Sometimes love can make you weak no? You really have to push people out of their comfort zones sometimes to help them. They may curse you but in the long run, they'll see that you did it out of love.

  3. Yan ang bilib ako sa yo sis, Wish I could be as tough as you with my brothers too. Thumbs up!!!

  4. Wow, so proud of what you have done! I think I am also more of a tough love kind of sister but I cannot help but rush to the rescue when my brothers stray away. I wish I could let go of them too, but I pray harder that they actually do good on their own if that happens. :|


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