Thursday, March 3, 2016

Townhouse Living: A Problem You May Encounter

Life has  been so busy lately. I started working online, plus I'm managing the house construction.

Okay, I promised I'll post about what kind of online work I do, but since I didn't have the chance yet, I'll just give you a hint.

Here it is:

 Skype+ Sensei

I know you guys already got it! :)

Back to the topic...

Please watch the video, but excuse and ignore the bisaya dialect.

Note: I decided to take this video as a form of evidence. I took a total of 5 videos.

Okay, after watching the video above, you would know that my room got flooded with rainwater. I didn't have this kind of problem until my next door neighbor started renovating her house.

What I did:

1. I assess the situation. 

I inspected my wall and my ceiling and there were no hint of water whatsoever. I realized it was coming from my next door neighbor's floor. Again, I didn't have problem with it not until she started doing something with her house.

2. I knocked on the neighbor's door.

I was so nervous because this neighbor has some kind of a reputation in the subdivision (Hint: BAD) She had shouting match with the other neighbor few months back over trash. She was also the same neighbor who parks in front of my property ( yep, the same neighbor I mentioned in one of my posts, that "neighbor who complains about everything pero hindi naman pala nag babayad ng Homeowner's Association Fee!")

Well fortunately, I didn't get to see her because she was still sleeping according to her helper. It was around 7:00 AM on a Saturday.

3. I went to see the Homeowner's Association Officer who is in-charge with this kind of situation

The officer came over and access the situation. She too said that the water was coming from my neighbor's side. She advised me to take videos, and so I did.

4. The officer called the neighbor telling her about the situation

5. Confrontation part

Of course, she insisted that it wasn't her fault. I told her that I didn't have problems with water going in before, not until she did some renovating. She still insisted that it wasn't her fault. Nakakaloka talaga! I told her to go up and take a look at my room, but she won't! It took me a few tries to convinced her to go up and freakin' see my room. She agreed and when she saw my room, she really can't deny the fact that the water is coming from her side. She also saw how pristine my wall and my ceiling looked.

6. The Compromise

She told me that she will go ahead and put roof within a month, that I should be patient. I told her that I am being patient, that I was doing this so she will know the current situation. After she left, I made a video log about the result of our talk, that she promised she will put roof in her property within a month.
Ayon, na sira yong cabinet ko because of the water, pero it can be fix naman. I didn't insist nalang to ask for it to be repaired because I think it is unintentional. I am happy that she knew and that she said she will take an action within a month. For the mean time, I put tons of rugs and blankets on the floor and I'm crossing my fingers that it won't rain.


  1. Nangyari din yan samin. Binaha ang bahay namin. We thought the leak was coming from our bathroom. Yun pala sa katabi naming unit. When the owner of the unit came (he's leasing it), he insisted that the leak was because of the renovation done in our unit. Baka daw nabarena yung tubo nila. Ngek, after more than a year, yung time lang na yun nagleak, kung nabutas nga namin. He thought I was so stupid to believe him. Kainis. Inayos din naman niya kaagad kasi pati unit nya baha din.

  2. Dapat pala kinunan ko din ng video yung ginawa ng kapitbahay namin sa townhouse namin. Hindi ko din kasi nakuhanan ng picture nung una silang naglagay ng mga gamit sa loob ng bahay kasi wala pa ngang nakatira dun sa townhouse. Tapos the second time naman sinira nila yung lock.

  3. Buti na lang you had a video and natapos sa mabuting pag uusap. Mahirap din kasi na may kapitbahay kang di mo kasundo... kahit hindi mo madalas makita, mabigat pa din sa loob.

    Sana maayos naman nya agad. Hirap nyan pag biglang magkabagyo or what diba?

  4. sana maayos na po :) take care po :)

  5. Sana si bad neighbor e ayusin na agad ang renovation sa ceiling nya para di na maging sakit sa ulo yan sayo. Anyway, good thing na hindi na tag-ulan now kaya di ka masyadong mapupurwisyo habang ginagawa yung cause ng baha. Hehe.

  6. Oh my god the horror! I hope you filed a formal complaint with your homeowners association. If your neighbor doesn't follow through, she should be sanctioned by your association.

  7. hello maria, hope everything gets resolved soon. sayang, dapat pai kabinet mo ayusin din niya hehe

    long time no hear na sayo ah..mukang success yung online work? care to share more info about it as I cannot find the appropriate website

    thanks and hopefully mas maging active ka na uli sa blog hehe ---kath


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