Sunday, March 20, 2016

Online Teaching: Pros and Cons


  • You can earn Php 350  in about  3.5 hours of teaching online (  about 7 students)
The minimum wage here in Cebu is Php 350 per day ( correct me if I am wrong) and currently, the rate that the company pays per student is Php 55  per 25 minutes ( it'll increase in 4 months and there are also incentives when I reach 80 students and 100 students per month).

  • You can choose your hours

The busiest time and busiest days would have to be evenings and weekends. 

  • Working at home? BIG ADVANTAGE!

I have been juggling construction, teaching online and a lot of other things in between, plus I CAN SPEND TIME WITH STARK AND PEPPER! Sweeeeeet! :)


  • Getting use to teaching online is kind of jarring. You have to know how to multitask. You need to be familiar with Skype, Dropbox, Excel, typing the correction while talking with the student, typing the correction and explaining to the student why you need to correct them at the same time, etc.. BUT you will get used to it, swear!

  • You have to make and post Lesson Memo after each student and if sunod sunod ang students mo, matatambakan ka ng Lesson Memo. You need to know how to manage your time.

  • Lozenges should be one of your friends when you want to teach online full time. Grabeh, ma papaos ka talaga. I once held  18 classes in a day and my voice wanted to give up. Buti meron akong PEI PA KOA! hahaha! Not joking though.

I'd post more about my online teaching experience when I can if you guys are interested. It's Monday and it's my day off. I need to go to the wet market to replenish my supply. I had a total of 25 students over the weekend. It's more than my quota and I am happy about it.

'Til next time!


  1. Please post more about online teaching, Ms. Maria.

  2. Wow! So this is what keeps you busy na :) Congrats! How's the construction coming?


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