Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Online Teaching: I Aced the Interview (kind of) but Failed the Surprise Demo

I started applying last January and started working last February 15. I would have started sooner (the whole process took less than a week for me to get accepted, but I kept on delaying my starting date because I was scared beyond belief. They even sent me an e-mail stating that If I don't want to start sooner, then let them know coz they will let me go. haha! For reals! So, nag start na talaga ako. Bahala na! But then, when I got started, I realized it wasn't too bad and I kept on wondering why was I scared in the first place. Getting started, they said, is the hardest part and it's true!)

Interview Process:

I submitted my application online and I got a call few hours after. Of course I was nervous, but I think I did well with the interview. Modesty aside, I can speak English quiet well. Maybe because of my five years stay in the US. I do have a slight American accent (as what the interviewer said. lol. blushing!) but when you let me speak tagalog... man, I suck at it! Really! My tagalog is super bad and you can really tell that I am bisaya when I speak Tagalog. Like really!


- Self introduction

- Hobbies
- Why do you want to teach online?
- Teaching experiences?
- Degree you took up in college
- Any kids?
- Do you have quiet space to conduct your classes if ever you'll get accepted?
- Why would we hire you?
- Are you familiar with Skype?
- Are you willing to undergo training?
- Are you pregnant or planning to get pregnant soon?
- Moving soon? 
- Plans on going abroad?

The whole phone interview took about 15 minutes then they scheduled me for a Skype interview. I had Skype interview the day after.

During Skype Interview:

- Make sure you are in a quiet place. Dapat walang tao na nag pa-pass by sa likuran mo.

- They'll ask the same question in the interview
- They'll ask if the current place you are having your interview is the place you will conduct your classes.

The Skype interview took less than 5 minutes then they scheduled me for training.


- They sent me a pdf that contains information about the company, salary and all that. It also contains the training material.
- They sent me the training material few days before the actual training and I had a lot of time to study the material. I did just that but I focused on the company information, salary and stuff and I didn't focus on the training part. IT WAS A BAD MISTAKE.
- Note to self: Review the Training module because they might ask you for a surprise demo.

-  Surprised demo: I sucked at it! Man, I couldn't even tell you how embarrassed I was! Grabeh, nag stutter talaga ako and all. Basta, I SUCKED AT IT! Luckily, it didn't affect the application process.

  • They scheduled me for an initial demo. The "student" was a staff of the company.
  • After, they scheduled me for a final demo with an actual Japanese student.

Okay, will explain more about the initial demo as well as the final demo in my next post.

Bye for now! 


  1. Congrats on the new job! It must be exciting for you to work with people from other nationalities again after your work in the US. :)

  2. more details please! :) whats the name of the company? --kath


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