Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Random Thoughts

  • 3 cleaning ladies clean the house across the street every Monday morning
  • Why am I not studying Technical Analysis when I have all the time in the world?
  • Finally got hold of the complete first season of Spartacus (DVD). Second Season is put on hold by me. Got to 'use and abuse' my local library. Walang ganito sa 'pinas.
  • I have been reading tons of 'stunt non-fiction' lately. Have you heard of that type of book?
  • Oh yeah! Total Money Makeover 2014 is now available in the library! 
  • Why did Michael Crichton die?
  • Andy Whitfield's death
  • The same people who I always see running in the weekends runs everyday,too! And man, why are they kind of old? If baby boomers can run everyday, millenials surely can! 
  • I'm getting bored with my running playlist
  • Is it normal for a 28-years-old to have gray hair?
  • Since I quit working, my breakouts suddenly cleared up. My friend was right, it was because of stress.
  • I always wake up around 5:30. I wish I can sleep in. I wish I am a night owl instead of considering 9:00 pm a bedtime and declaring 11:00pm as "insomnia phase". Tumatanda na, I know. But on second thought, I've always been a morning person and I'm cool with that.
  • Excited for the last Hobbit movie though I am sad that the LOTR is really over. I bet the actors who have been filming all through out these years are sad too. Imagine all the relationships/friendships formed because of over a decade of filming.

  • To buy or not to buy a B&w hard case suitcase for Red?

  • I have a vampire-like teeth. My fangs  are kind of sharp. You think I can do something about it? Sand it perhaps? 

  • It's better to read young adult fiction books than not to read at all. No shame on admitting  that I sometimes indulge in young adult fiction books.

  • Man, I always marvel on people who can read in a moving vehicle. I can never do that no matter how I try.

  • Quiet honestly, I'm so tired of answering "Bakit ka pa uuwi?" I'm tempted to direct them to my blog every time I hear that question being thrown at me

  •  Why do most Filipinos think that marrying a 'kano means you are automatically rich? Geeez woman, can't we work hard for our own money and not rely on men to provide for us? Let's not continually give Filipina women a bad name. No offense to those who married a 'kano though, I know that there are true love stories out there between a 'kano and a pinay.
  • I already printed the e-ticket. My first thought: "Wala namang ka sosyal sosyal 'tong e-ticket!" I am being old-school, I know.

  • Instead of marking off days on a calendar, why don't I enjoy my last few weeks here?


  1. I love, love, love the public library. Whenever we get to talking about taxes amongst Filipino friends, the public library is my example of why I don't mind paying taxes here. Don't you wish that we had a really decent public library back home?

    1. Oo nga! I am so thankful sa library, it really saves me money on entertainment cost. Aside from taxes, I also give back by being a responsible borrower-taking care of the books and stuffs- and donating books that I no longer use or read. I am so thankful to be able to use and experience what it feels like to have state-of-the-art library. Neve experience one before back home: self-check out, borrowing e-books through the website, holding books and DVDs thorough the website. These simple things that people take for granted still amazes up until now. An babaw ko. Hehe.

    2. Di ka mababaw :) You are indeed very lucky..If I was there, I would also marvel in that library. Sana magkaroon na ng ganyan sa Pinas..hmm..sulatan kaya natin si PNoy?.. :P good luck. hehe.. --Kath

    3. Hey Kath,

      I am pretty sure Philippines will have a taste of a state-of-the-art library. It might not be soon or it might not be in our lifetime but I am pretty sure it will come. Philipppines is way behind.

  2. Hindi ko rin kaya magbasa habang umaandar ang sasakyan kaya bilib ako kapag may kasabay ako sa jip na nagbabasa ng libro :)

    1. Oo nga! Sus, talagan nag susuka ako if i I read inside a moving vehicle! Bummer!

  3. Hahaha... ka-bibo sa imong realizations/random thoughts...yeah, unta naa pud ingon ana n library dri na dapit.. enjoy enjoy..

    1. Hey Ching,

      Bibo ba or senseless? Random gali, diba? Hahha!

    2. Bibo woi.. hehehe.. it's nice to know ur thoughts or what runs in ur mind while waiting for ur departure.. hehe.. keep them coming.

  4. On the kano and pinoy thing: A couple of years ago I, my 14months old son and his nanny were checking out something in a mall in dubai. My son is a fair-skinned adorable boy (im saying this as a fact, not because im his mom) and im a short, chubby mom. while i was joking with filipina sales personnel in a shoe store, she suddenly asked me what is the nationality of my son's father. in a sarcastic,' vice ganda' tone, i replied: "pag maputi at gwapo ang anak at may yaya, ibig sabihin ba foreigner agad ang tatay? hindi ba pwedeng pinoy din?teh, hindi lang foreigner ang nakakagawa ng ganyan, pede ding pinoy".
    then i walked out without buying the shoes that i really loved.

    1. What an experience you have! Worth telling, if you ask me.

      I think it's in our blood to hail white-skinned people as superior. It's the colonialism thing. We have been colonized by too many white-skinned people. Marrying a kano as well as making our self white are all because of colonialism, I think.

  5. hey Maria,
    Just a thought why are you not considering TA?Though i read your previous answer about this but just wanna why..thanks!

    1. Hey Martin,

      Not that I dont't believe in TA ha? It's just that for some weird reason it's hard for me to concentrate when I "study" TA. I actually posted it before na I once attempted to be "good" at it but I ended up suffering from the dreaded analysis paralysis. Now, I rely more on FA more than TA. I am a long-term investor so FA matters more than TA.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  6. I love your blog here girl! So interesting. Yeah we have the same outlook in life. Keep it up. Hope we'll inspire our family and friends to save and invest. #coffeemeandmoney :)


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