Friday, December 19, 2014

GOALS 2015

2015 for me is not all about the money and frugality. Sure, I'd still save as much as I can and practice frugality whenever I can, but the trait of saving money and being frugal are all ready here to stay. I already am a full-fledged saver and frugal, why need to make into a goal?

You all know that I am coming home for good. I haven't seen my family in years. My immediate family- my mother, three brothers and I- haven't spend time together in one roof for over 13 years (after the death of my maternal grandmother, you all know the whole story)

So for the upcoming year, I'll devote it for strengthening/building relationship and self-improvement.

Note: My goals below are just snippets. I've written the details in my journal on how to achieve the goals mentioned below peppered with fantasies here and there. I don't want to gross you out with the details (ang dami kasing ka oa-han), so yah... just snippets.

  • Embrace more

  • Say I love you often

  • Strengthen my relationship with Mama and brothers by doing things together, even little things like going for a picnic often or just hanging out in the house for a 'family time'

  • Devote one day once a week for 'family time.' Family bonding need not to be expensive. We can play board games or just simply hang out and talk

  • Visit my Papa's grave with my brothers and Mama, so we could be kind of complete after all these years

  • Set a 'girls' day/night out' once a week or once every fortnight for me and my Mama. It could be a simple lunch/dinner- just the two of us

  • Listen more

  • Judge less

  • Breathe before saying something stupid when angry/upset

  • Words heal or it could hurt. Choose the former.

  • Learn to say 'SORRY'

  • For goodness sake, use things you buy! Why are you saving it? Use it! Later may never come. ( I have a habit of not using things kasi 'sayang' and 'baka masira.' I already identify why I am like this.)

  • Explore at least one Philippine province

  • Mend broken relationship

  • Avoid clutter at all cost. Trust in abundance

  • Cut people slack 

  • Appreciate: point out the good in people and say it, leave out the bad ones

  • Embrace novelty, but appreciate ordinary, everyday life

  • Climb at least one mountain


  1. I have a solid relationship with my family right now. Sana manatiling okay kami forever. Hehe. I think for 2015, more on financial aspects pa rin ang focus ko kasi hindi pa ako ganon ka-frugal and I'm still in the process of building my investments portfolio.

    Relate ako dyan sa use the things you buy! Isa yan sa reasons ko why I went on an 11-month long shopping fast this year. Para magamit yung mga gamit na antagal na nakatambak lang, minsan nga nakakalimutan ko na na meron ako nun. :)

    1. Yah, it is an annoying habit of mine. Nag ho-hoard lang ako nga mga stuffs tapos hindi gagamitin, I would rather not buy nalang kaysa 'for your eyes' only lang naman pala. hehe


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