Monday, December 29, 2014

Less Than 15 Days To Go: Finally Found a Perfect Suitcase for Red (Brompton Folding Bike)

I've been to different Goodwill stores countless times to look for perfect suitcase for Red. I also tried different boxes, different bags and all, searched the internet for some ideas (Ikea's Dimpa bags,etc.) But me being OA and being OCD, I can't seem to find one that suits my 'needs.' Yah, I really want Red to be protected, that's all. He has been my companion and it's right naman that I would give him a little bit of comfort as we travel to another country, especially that I would be checking him in, so I won't be with him for a lot of hours! 

I told myself that if I really can't find a perfect suitcase for him, my final resort would be to buy the  B&W hardcase luggage- a luggage meant for Brompton folding bikes. So I searched high and low, and finally... FINALLY... F I N A L L Y....


I found one!

I found it in Korean store! Wohooooo!!!! (You have no idea how excited I am!)

Price: $25 including taxes

Yah, it was a bit pricey for me , but compared to the hard case luggage ($360 not including shipping) and the soft case luggage ($240 not including shipping), it's not that bad. I saw big enough suitcase at Ross too and it was priced at $65, so $25 is way better, right? I am really glad I searched before buying. Seek and you shall find!

The brand: C.Y. U.S.A

  • The price, of course!
  • It's a square kind of luggage and, for some weird reason, I have been to different stores and square luggages are kind of rare
  • It has wheels and weights about 8 lbs

  • It's soft case so you got find way to 'fortify' it
  • It doesn't have suitcase handle

So, since it doesn't offer much protection, I did the DYI approach:

  • Good thing I didn't throw away the sleeping pad I bought years ago- back when I was working like a carabao. With no time to go home, I bought this so I can catch some few hours sleep at work. The bed was meant for camping, by the way. I bought it at Amazon (Stansport Pack-Lite Camping Pad):

  • I spread the other half at the bottom leaving the other half out of the luggage (see the blue). I found some extra foam, so I cut it and put it at the sides  (white and the brow-ish)

  • I also made sure to put two (connected) string hooks below the sleeping pad(I dont know what it's called. I didn't buy it, but I thought I saw some at the dollar store) See the red hook at the left side:



  • I actually took the saddle as well as the seat post. I made sure that I wrapped the pedals and the handle with bubble wrap and foam,so it won't poke through the bag. I also put a blanket in between the sleeping pad and the bike for added protection:

  • I covered the bike with blanket for added protection:


  • Put the other half of the sleeping pad on top:

  • Secured it with hook thingy, and voila:


Total weight: 38 lbs.- way below the checked-in weight limit (which is 50 lbs). I am planning on putting clothes since it has still room, meant to add more protection ( can you feel/see some serious case of OCD here?)

D O N E:




  1. Galing, maparaan at madiskarte ka talaga sis!!!! Talagang secure na si red nyan!
    Merry Christmas Ms Maria!!!!

    1. Ganyan naman talaga ang mga pinoy, ma paraan! hehe! Have a blessed New Year to you!

  2. Yeba! If there's a will, there's surely a way! I'm happy for Red, all set na sya to travel. Happy New Year! cherx


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