Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Reader's Question Answered: Hating My Blog?

I have been having some back and forth email with an OFW who is currently working in the UK. I will just summarized what we talked about as well as my answers to her emails coz it's a pretty long one.

Her very first email is copy pasted below:


Hi Pinasforgood,

I came across your blog because a  friend shared your blog in her FB post. As I read your past blog posts, it made me "hate" you! I hate you because you made me realized how I've been dumb financially. I've been working abroad for 13 years with nothing to show for it, except my passport na puno ng stamps because I love traveling, gadgets and clothes. I don't have savings or a house, to think that I am single with no family to support back home. 

I envy you because you have accomplished so much compared to me. If only I can go back few more years. If only I found your blog earlier.



Dear She,

"Look and admire the journey not just the result"

Would you still envy me if I write my sacrifices in detail in order to save a penny? What if I'll tell you that I walk to and from work everyday no matter what the weather is? It's a 2-mile walk, by the way, and when it's cold out or if it's snowing out, I still walk to work to save on $1.25 bus fare. And girl, 2-mile walk on a snowy and cold day feels like darn Ice Age on this tropicana body of mine!

Or what if tell you that when the urge to buy a house sets in, I used to work super hard I didn't get much sleep. My schedule was jampacked, I used to leave home super early, get home around 9 PM only to do some pet sitting for the night. Girl, even if it's just a dog, I still can't sleep that well knowing that I am in charge of a living creature which they paid and trusted me for. When I am not
pet sitting for the night, I go to work. It was cray cray! (I feel like this post will be too long if I give you all the details of all the sacrifices I did. I won't bore you further.)

I don't have much of life, I have to tell you that. My form of entertainment is reading and hanging out in the library, taking long walks, running or basically any entertainment that doesn't require me to spend. I don't hang out with my friends that much. I am basically a loner. My life is actually what Dave Ramsey always says: "Living on rice and beans, beans and rice. Not going inside a restaurant unless you work there." As weird it sounds, I am happy being alone. Most days when I am just alone with my thoughts, I get to know myself more. As what Aristotle said, "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."

She, would you be willing to give up some of life's conveniences in order to save money? It takes some hardcore behavioral change and hardcore change of mindset in order to achieve discipline and focus for the betterment of your financial powerhouse. How to do that? Simple: Have a goal bigger than yourself. 

When you have a goal bigger than yourself, and you find creative ways to be reminded about it constantly, (journal, screensaver,etc.) you'll suddenly work towards it. Your mind will find ways to get to that goal no matter what.

Do small things, make it as a habit. A penny save today, a dollar save by next month, until you'll get to your saving percentage goal. 

With a goal in hand, focus follows and the discipline to reach it will eventually follow,too.

Surround yourself of things,books and TV shows that will remind you of your goal. (I am pretty sure I post all my strategies on my past posts, so read it up if you like.) 

Also, find out what tempts you to spend. Is it You Tube? Facebook? Find ways to limit your exposure to sites that makes you open your wallet and spend. Find out what makes you tick. This requires knowing yourself.

And lastly, don't beat yourself up for a few slip ups. Remember, "Rome wasn't build in a day."

Things I suggested:

  • Listing and categorizing all that goes out from her wallet, as well as what comes in.
  • Budget. Budget. Budget
  • Since she is trying to maintain her weight, I suggested she skip the gym membership and take up running. In my years of running, I haven't seen a fat runner. For reals.


  1. Very well said. Been reading your blog for months and I have to say I am in awe of your discipline and determination. I look forward in reading more posts from you.

  2. Hi, Ive been following your blog for months now . What made me love your blog is because halos pareho tau ng situation. My sinusuportahan din akong kapatid ko para sa pag aaral ng anak nya, isa ko pang kapatid which is under rehabilitation plus i have my own family pa! Nakikita ko ung sarili ko sayo kung gaanu rin ako ka kuripot. hahaha. but u know iba ung happiness na nakukuha mo knowing na my napupuntahan lhat ng pinaghihirapan mo at nakikita mong nagbubunga.. rather than buying latest gadgets and branded things to show off it on facebook. pero puno naman pala ng kautangan.. Sad to say majority ng ofw ganun!! :)

    1. I salute you! You are a part of a sandwhich generation, supporting your two generations.

      You are right, maganda feeling pag you see your money go somewhere. Somewhere na hindi nag de-depreciate ( education of your family member) rather than latest gadget.

      Thanks a lot for dropping by, by the way.

  3. hey, thanks sa pagresponse! Correct.. we should invest in something na my return in the future.
    By the way, interested ako mag invest sa stocks but wla pa ako complete idea how it works. Para sana sa education ng anak ko! if u dont mind, pwd mo mashare kung anong mga books ung binabasa mo bout stocks? a friend of mine share me this "pesos and sense " sa utube pero its like limited lng ung nakuha ko na information. Thank u..

    1. Hey, I highly recommend My Maid Invest in the Stock Market by Bo Sanchez. I got the ebook version for free by the way. Go to Truly Rich Club's website and see it it's still free. I also love 12 Steps to Build Wealth on Any Income by Alvin Tabanag.

      For western books, I love The Richest Man in Babylon and Your Money or Your life.

      I have detailed post here, by the way. Just copy post : http://pinasforgood.blogspot.com/2014/08/personal-finance-books-that-i-recommend.html

    2. Thanks a lot. Update kita once nabasa ko na yong mga recommendations mo. Mejo busy pa dahil month end eh.. I admire you na ganun ang mind set mo at that young age! Hey, i suggest you to please find time to hang out with other people baka doon mo mameet si Mr.Right? Hahaha. i would be happy to see u happy.. living with ur own family and taking of ur own kids as well. That soon to be husband is so lucky to have you...Hope we could exchange private msgs soon. :)

    3. Hey, I'd love to hear if you like the books I recommended.

      As I am getting older, the urge to get married and start my own family really is kind of strong, but Mr. Right is too slow! Hehe.

      The biological clock is ticking, as they always say!

      I'd love to exchange private messages with you. I am thinking of opening Facebook soon for my blog, but I am worried na baka ma addict na naman ako sa Facebook. I don't have FB since January 2014.

    4. hey girl, ive read ur "for good update" . I was kinda sad to know that ur leaving Canada but at the same time happy that finally u will be with ur loved ones na. Btw, ilang years ka na as ofw ?

    5. Hey,

      Thanks for dropping by. I am not working in Canada 'po. Five years na din ako sa abroad.


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