Sunday, October 12, 2014

Library Book Sale is MY Black Friday

Library's Garage. The line went all the way to that blue car
Fall book sale in my local library has been going on for 3 days now. It's actually the last day of the book sale, and last day means price is half off. I actually went yesterday to check what books they have so I could plot and plan my "attack" the next day. Hey, gotta take advantage of the half off!  

20th in line

I purposely went to the library 30 minutes early coz I knew that the line would be crazy long. I was the 20th in line which was better than last year!

What I got:

  • Blade II DVD ( $1): My friend and I was just talking about this few days ago because we are fans of Guillermo del Toro's work. This isn't available in the library. Hey, anything Guillermo del Toro, me likey likey, plus it's a buck so why not? Though I'm pretty sure I'm just having some Guillermo del Toro withdrawal because The Strain season one just wrapped up last Sunday, and season 2 will be 2015. A long wait! I am missing the show so much that I am starting to read The Strain trilogy! At least it's The Walking Dead tonight.
  • The Difference by Jean Chatzky ($1): I read one of her books once entitled Money Rules: Simple Path to Lifelong Security. I was impressed. I bet this book will be a good one,too.
  • The Philippine Economy: DO OUR LEADERS HAVE A CLUE? By Rey Angeles ($1): OMG! OMG! OMG! I was literally freaking out when I saw this book! This book was the reason I went back today. I saw this yesterday but it was priced at $2. I wasn't keen on paying 2 bucks because the tag said it was
    originally Php 320 or about $6 or so. It was from National Book Store all the way from the Philippines, and every time I see Philippines, I get excited coz I am patriotic like that! Happy that it was still available today. It looks brand new, by the way.
  • SUPERFREAKONOMICS and FREAKONOMICS by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner (Total $2.50): I already read these books and I became an instant fan of Steven Levitt, so I gotta own 'em.
  • Why Marry a Millionaire? Just be one!  by Wendy Robbins ($ 1.50): A finance book with a feminism side to it. It looks promising.
  • A middle-earth album Paintings by Joan Wyatt($2): I've said it enough and will say this again: I love Lord of the Rings! This book has pictures upon pictures of "middle-earth" as told by J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings books. Love!!!
  • Some old comics (Total $2.50): 


  1. I have yet to finish my Freakonomics e-book. Meron din palang Super Freakonomics! Parang naging interesado ako doon sa book na "Why Marry a Millionaire? Just be One" ah. Interesting, parang may pagka women empowerment din ang dating. :)

    1. Yah, the Why Marry a Millionaire book really sounds interesting. I "googled" it and it has a descent reviews! I feel so lucky getting it for a dollar fifty!

      Superfrekonomics is a great read,too. Mapapa isip ka talaga.

  2. same here! i didn't know there's a super freakonomics until now. it's presumptuous to say it, but mura kapareha lagi ta ug tastes ay (hehe..gibisaya para dili sakpan sa uban).. bitaw, have you read malcolm gladwell's tipping point, blink, etc? mura maganahan pud ka ato.

    1. Suprefreakonimics is a good read. Usual Levitt and Dubner. Mt. Pinatubo was mentioned in that book,too.

      Yah, I read his books too!

      Twinsies? Hehe

  3. wow, my god! level up na ito sana maging close din kami ng economics hahaha - seriously that's my hate subject sana talaga magustuhan yan - anne

    1. Hey Anne,

      Trust me, Freakonomics is not about that "boring" side of economics, that side where you study where the inflation,deflation blah blah. Freakonimics deals with microenomics, that is, why people do what they do and the book focuses on "people and incentives". Very good read, actually. Simple enough but talagang mapapaisip ka.

    2. naku! sige I'll try my best to read about that (wish me luck hindi ako mabore haha) since ikaw ang role model ko about finance eh ayeee gayahin ko yung style mo (okay lang?).

    3. Hey Anne,

      Freakonomics is not really about finance. It's kind of behavior lang. The author actually said that he doesn't know where the economy is going or what the inflation is, blah blah blah.

      So for me, it's an escape to all those economics book I have been reading. It's fun enough but you get to learn something!

      I have to warn you ha, Freakonomics is not about finance at all

    4. Yun nga sis eh actually my prof advised us about it na dapat you know our economy chu chu and so we have to read it get involve. Well that's I only know and I'll try talaga to read na kahit konti lang siguro pag di kaya hanggang kiyosaki na lang muna ako hahaha


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