Thursday, October 2, 2014

Booze and Hangover Talks

I don't know how "hangover" feels like.

I tried liquor when I was in that I-don't-know-who-I-am phase or that identity crisis teenage phase, though.

I was in 3rd year high school when I had my first taste of booze. Everybody was doing it so I figured why not try it. As embarrassing as it is, peer pressure did get into me once.

My classmates and I, including my best(girl)friend would hang out under the bridge during recess, after school or whenever there was a school program. I remember going to that store across the street from our school and we would drink beer in a dark room provided by the store owner ( bad store owner!). We were all girls, just laughing and sharing embarrassing stories.

My impressions on beer: the urged to pee was overwhelming, it made our faces warm to the touch, and turned our faces beet red. We would then go back to school and people would question us on why our faces were so red. In which we would reply that it was because of the Maxi Peel we applied the night before and that because it was so hot!

So the drinking sessions continued until we were in our senior year. Almost all of the 4th year students were doing it! We would go to another town and hang out by the waterfall and we would just drink.

It might sound so wild but it wasn't really that bad. First, most of us were broke high school students and second, we won't overdrink coz we don't want to go home all wasted and stuffs!

To tell you honestly, I really don't like the taste of beer, Tanduay or any liquour. Now that I am older and I look back, it's all because of peer pressure. The need to be in, to belong. The need to not be called an outcast. I guess we go through that phase one way or another.

After high school, I did drink here and there but again, I never reached to that point of walking up with a hangover

And oh, I've never tasted liquor for about 4 years now! Not a drop, not a sip!

I now realized that I don't need to drink just to so people would accept me. To hell if they don't. I have my own life. I guess it's all about age, right? The older you get, the more you accept and kind of sort things out- what should your life be vs. what people think your life should be.

Up until now, I still wonder what it feels like to get wasted and wake up with a hangover. Hmmmm. But I ain't going there. I'll just sit here and wonder, but I won't go out of my way to experience it myself. I am over that stage already. Ever.


  1. I don't know what a hangover feels like, either. I never liked the taste of alcohol. I drink just a bottle of beer or a glass of wine on some occasions, though. I think the last time I tasted alcohol was last Christmas pa! :)

    1. Yah, I do that before too. A sip here and a shot there but I don't know what happen to me 4 years ago that I completely gave it up. No more sipping, no more tasting. As in zip! Crazy, if I think about it..

  2. I don't drink, so I can't really say much about how it feels like. A lot of my friends drink and a few even go to bars and party. They're younger than me, so I usually shake my head in disapproval whenever they share their drunken stories. They talk about passing out and puking their guts out. I don't really see the glamour of drinking.

    My mother told me that a lady never drinks. That's what she taught me, so I don't really feel like experimenting with booze. I take a sip of red wine during Christmas and that's about it. My friends think it's weird, but then we just agree to disagree.

    1. Anything with alcohol in it, I don't take a sip. Not even red wine! It doesn't taste good, if you think about it..

      I don't know why people drink their heart out, liquors don't taste good!

      It's a cool feeling too when you are in a party and people are drinking ang stuffs and you are just sitting there with no intentions of drinking.. We have superhero will power,girl! We are rare!. Hahha

  3. I was in college when I tried booze for the first time. Fortunately for me, the first sip alone was enough to convince me that it wasn't for me (I didn't like the taste or smell) unlike some of my classmates who ended up with a killer hangover the next day and became the butt of colorful jokes for months. Overall, I think that was one the best decision I've made because it's kind of difficult to exercise moderation/caution when you're in your teens :)

  4. ako din kasi I dont drink I've seen the effect of alcohol sa attitude ng father totally different person when he's under the influence of liquor, & di ko ma-take ang lasa ng alak mas masarap pa rin ang chocolate.....kaya pag inuman time dito sa office nsa sulok lang ako kaharap ang computer pero once in while nakikipagkwentuhan din pag di nakaiwas just one shot & thats all :)


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