Thursday, July 13, 2017

Wet Market Friday + Current Prices of Gasul (LPG)

Note: I still have leftover veggies from last week (carrots, 2 sayote and cabbage). I heavily eat veggies these days since I completely changed my diet. Here's my previous diet. Now, I eat oatmeal for breakfast, salad for lunch and veggies with brown rice for dinner. I also eat banana for snacks. 

Note: I buy my lettuce and brown rice at the mall since parang walang lettuce and brown rice sa wet market. 

Note: Location of the Wet Market is in Lapu Lapu City, Mactan Cebu

VEGGIES: Php 148 ($2.93)

Ampalaya  Php 70 per kilo  ($1.38 per kilo)
Beans Php 35 per kilo  ($.69 per kilo)
Eggplant Php 40 per kilo ($.79 per kilo)
Potato Php 60 per kilo ($1.19 per kilo)
Onion (Sweet and Regular) Php 60 per kilo ($1.19 per kilo)
Cucumber Php 40 per kilo  ($.79 per kilo)

BANANA : Php 40 per kilo  ($.79 per kilo)
BREAD: Php 25  $.49 For Stark and Pepper's afternoon snacks
Dried Fish Php 100 per kilo $1.98 Got 1/2 kilo When cravings strike
Kakanin Php 25  $.49 Too bad hindi ko na naabutan ang cassava
Tilapia Php 120 per kilo $2.37  per kilo Got half a kilo 
Ground Pork Php 165 per kilo $3.26 per kilo Got Php 31.68
Chicken Drumstick Php 150 per kilo  $2.96 per kilo Got 26.70
EGGS Php 5 each $.10 each Got a dozen 

LPG (Gasul)

It took me six months to finish my gasulito and I just bought new one few days ago. The price of the gasulito refill six months ago was Php 453. 453/6 = Php 75.5 per month

Here are the current prices of 7kg Gasulito and 11 kg. Gasul : 

Gasulito (7kg):  Php 450 (refill) $8.89

Gasul (11 kg) : Php 647 (refill) $12.79  --- Php 1,875 (tank without fas) Php 37. 06


  1. Balik na naman ang Wet Market haul. Yehey! - Anne from Riyadh

  2. curious lang, nadayon ka larga sa mga concerts?

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