Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Wet Market 2017 (Current Prices)

I have been going to the wet market for three weeks now and it made me realized how I miss going there. 

Here are the things I bought last week. Prices are written below.

Note: I still have eggplants, beans and other veggies from the last wet market trip so I just bought a bit this time.

VEGGIES: PHP 139 ($2.75)

Sayote Php 7 each  ($.14 each)
Tomato Php 60 per kilo ($1.19 per kilo)
Cabbage  Php 60 per kilo ($1.19 per kilo)
Cucumber Php 35 per kilo ($.69 per kilo)
Carrots Php 50 per kilo ($.99 per kilo)
Onion (I forgot the price)

FRUITS: PHP 200 ($3.95)

Banana (Lakatan) Php 50 per kilo ($.99 per kilo)  I bought Php 140
Avocado Php 60 per kilo ($1.19 per kilo)

FISH (Tilapia) Php 100 per kilo  ($1.98 per kilo)  I bought half a kilo

EGGS Php 5 each ($.10 each) I just re-purpose the SM egg container

Ground Pork  Php 215 per kilo ($4.25 per kilo) I only bought Php 30

Dish towel- 6 pcs for Php 100 ($1.98 for 6 pcs.)

Kakanin (Cassava) Php 25  ($.49) This one is very filling and this always serves as my lunch 

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