Monday, September 1, 2014

When Plan Fails: "For Good" Decision Put on Hold

It's Labor Day today. I decided to take off from work and just chill. My co-worker wanted to borrow money from me coz one of her relatives in the Philippines is sick. She needed the money so, I told her to take over my work today instead. It's a holiday and that means there is incentives for those who'll work today ( double pay). Instead of letting my co-worker borrow money from me, I'll just give her my shift. Gives her extra money coz she needed it and, I get to have another day off! Had a sweaty, 8 mile run this morning, by the way and I love it!

It's September already, my "target" month for my "coming home for good", for those of you who have been following my "for good" journey. I already sent packages containing my stuff 6 months ago all the way to the Philippines (halatang excited!). Suitcases ready and all. I officially turned over my resignation last month. My employer talked to me about it few days after.

Summary of our conversation:

Boss: I knew this day would come. You are young and driven. I can see it in you......
Me: *blushing* Errr, thanks a lot!.....
Boss: The only problem is, I can't let you go just yet. I understand that your contract is almost done but, can I just make a request? Can you stay a little bit longer coz I needed to find somebody to replace you. I needed to train him/her....
Me: *thoughts racing and super kinakabahan*
Boss: If you can just extend 3-6 months or until I can find somebody, that would be a big help. I won't let you sign a contract. If ever I'd find somebody sooner, I would let you go right away or whenever you want.
Me: *dissecting everything that she said* I'll think about it and would get back to you in an hour.... Thanks a lot...

An hour of painful thinking:

Geez, she can't let me go. I am good employee, that's why (haha!)She said no contract signing, that means I can just leave with or without her permission but, I owe her whatever I have... She helped me, why don't I just help her back with this. But, she said "3-6 months or until I'll find somebody" does that mean it could be longer than 6 months?.....

An hour later:

Me: I've reached a decision. You have been so good to me.I thank you for the opportunity to be able to work with you. I can help you out with finding somebody and training him/her.
Boss: *big smile*... Thank you......

Been Counting the Months since September 2012 :(
Written in my Dream Journal

Yah, I licked her butt too much (not literally though!). She helped me when I was starting out isn't it right to help her, too? All the money that I have came because I am working for her. I should be able to give back and lend a little help,too. Don't you think?

So, there you have it. For good decision is put on hold for now. What's another few months here compare to a rest of my life there?

Because of this,it gave me the reason to say hello to a new laptop and a GoPro! Heck, I would be staying here for a few months beyond the targeted month, might as well buy something I really need (new laptop coz I explained it here) and a  want (GoPro coz then, I can attach it to Red so I can take videos of the places I have been as a form of "walking down the memory lane" down the road, especially now that autumn is coming. I get to take videos of the awesome fall colors!)



  1. aww...I feel sad but happy at the same time. you are right on with that statement you said "What's another few months here compare to a rest of my life there?"..who knows what else might come up while you're there right? more money-making opportunities, a lovelife *wink* (haha joke) ..or just simply being able to save more money for your "for good" future :) sabi nga nila, everything happens for a reason :) you may not understand it now but in the future you will :) take care and just enjoy every moment you have there :) you will miss it ;) --kath

    1. A lovelife....just as long as his Filipino, I am good. I am not racist or anything but, if I ever I get married ( yah, married na ka agad, wala pa ngang boyfried, haha), I want it with someone who shares the same culture as me. Mama wants me to marry a 'kano though. haha!

      But thanks. I appreciate it! :)

  2. Cheer up! Your "for good" will still be waiting for you in a few months time :)

    Have fun playing with your new GoPro!!

    1. Thanks a lot. I am crossing my fingers that I'll make it there this Christmas. If not, why hello new laptop and GoPro! hahah!

  3. Kala ko eto na yung post mo about your trip back home. Hehe. Pero okay lang, I'm sure your kindness to your boss will be rewarded. At yang "for good" journey mo, matutuloy din yan papunta sa Pinas kasi may goal ka, gusto mo talaga yun. Just enjoy your stay there while it lasts. :)

    1. I know, right? I keep telling myself few more months lang naman. Baka I would just surprise you guys with a pic with me in it in Mactan, Cebu airport!

      I was memorizing pa naman the way to my house from the airport. I wanted to surprise my mama. It ain't happening for now.

  4. Hayun naman pala, may reward na agad ang pagstay :) Hello laptop and GoPro! Maybe even more savings? Still looking forward to more stories from you

  5. Awwwww, I haven't really read enough of your blog so I will say that its really good that you have your plans and target year when you want to go for good. My dad has been planning to go home for good but it got delayed to another 3 contracts haha. Because I think he has not really plan it and stuff. I hope you will still blog when you go home na, you are an mazing blogger and an inspiration to many women especially to OFW women :) <3. Yayy for your new GoPro and laptop :D enjoy!

    1. Hey girl, thanks!

      I am not sure about buying the laptop pa. The kuripot side of me won't let me! Haha!

      Thanks for the kind words and, I hope you drop by here often.


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