Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happiness at PHP 5 Million?

 My friend, who reads my blog and knows me personally, commented: "Man, if I accumulated 5 million pesos, I would be totally happy right now!", in which I smiled and replied,"that would not be the case, dude. If you have 5 million right now, I bet you'd want another 5 Million. Trust me... I know"

When I wanted to buy a house, I remember telling myself that once I'll get, I'll finally be happy.

When that day arrived, boy, was I happy! But sadly, the happiness I felt on owning a house outright in a young age of 23 was short-lived. I moved on to another "man, if I have a this and that, then I would be happy."

Am I greedy? Maybe... But all I know is it's just human nature to "want more".

Imagine if people were satisfied with what they have, Magellan wont be sailing the high seas in search for island/countries to colonize, Dubai would be just one of the deserts in the UAE, Las Vegas wont exist, SM wont be one of the "giants" because Henry Sy was just satisfied with his small store named ShoeMart.

Economy grows because people want more.

Foreigners come to the Philippines to expand their businesses, which in turn helps our economy.

Filipinos go abroad in search for better life.

It is human nature, alright.

Alas, "want" is never ending, I am glad to have come to realize that at a young age.

We move on from one want to the other want. We keep telling ourselves that we will finally be happy, but I know that it's not the case.

When is enough... enough? You may wonder.

When you'll have 10 million in your name, then you will be happy?

What if you'll get there? I bet you'd want another 10 million.

Such is human nature, my friends. If you don't put a price on your happiness, then you would forever seek the elusive unicorn named Happiness. If you can't identify what makes you happy, then you would just be one of those people who just exist for the sake of existing, who just work for the sake of working and making money.

As Jeff Yeager, the Cheapskate Next Door said: "Learn how to slay your Enoughasaurus and decide when enough is enough"

Deciding when enough is enough should be everybody's mantra. You may have all the money in the world but you lose your family and your values in the process, then it is not worth it. It would be beyond me if in our deathbed, we would ask to be surrounded with money and assets we accumulated instead of people we loved.

Such is life.

Do you know "what/when enough is enough" in your life?


  1. Have you heard of Mr. Money Moustache? If I remember correctly, his formula for early retirement is to be able to live on 4% of your savings because that's the conservative estimate that can be replenished by investments every year. In theory, if you live on 4% of your savings/investments every year, you'll never have to work for money ever again.

    I computed my own 4% and I came up with something like Php15,000,000 so matagal tagal pang pag-iipunan yan:p

    1. Hey Ate Jill,

      I knew about Mr. Money Mustache through you coz you made a blogpost with his name in it. But I didn't check his blog coz I don't really follow blogs authored by a foreigner. I follow filipino frugal blogs exclusively lang coz I can relate more.

      I also came across him when a reader told me to check him out. I didn't check him out coz, as I said, I love following filipino frugal bloggers lang.

      Then, he recently got interviewed by one of the podcasts I listen to and I was impressed! His approach in simple living, doing what makes you happy, and frugality- parang I can hear myself through him (feelingera!)

  2. Tamaa, miss "pinas" ako--sa sobrang simple ng pangarap ko sa buhay - maliit na bahay, tahimik at maayos na pamilya kahit maliit lang ang sahod" sa sobrang kasimplehan--ngayon ko lang na - realize the word "enough" for me is not enough these days so I must do something today-& I feel like I'm running out of time :(.....Balance is always important.Time is valuable in the world of finance but time is also an investment that we can share with our loved ones :)

    1. Hey, Grace

      You are right, you can invest your "time" with your family.

      Money is just a tool. Just enough to survive, ok na.

  3. First time i read your posts I thought you were living the 'mustachian' way. The name might be foreign but I think the principle is the same- to reduce wants, spend only on needs, and spend time/money wisely.

    Totally unrelated, but did you just published your full name?

    Keep on posting.

    1. Hey,

      Yah, it's crazy how I only follow Filipino blogs. I figured that 99 percent of personal books I read are written by foreign authors, as well as podcasts I listen to, foreigners din. Pati personal finance shows, foreigners din. So that's why for blogs, I mostly read filipino ones.

      One day, I'd check on Mr. Mustache's blog. It's just that I feel like "I am too late in the game". Parang he is too far away na, I wanted to read the starting point up to the present. Some weird completionist attitude I have.

  4. These are the best things about life, it seems like you got the answer of "what is life" am i right ?

  5. Hey sis! Very well said. You are right that it is indeed human nature to keep on striving for more. But in our pursuit of financially having for more that we have our values, character and the people that matter most to us already at stake, then it's waking up time to realize that our aim for more financial abundance is not giving a more significant meaning to our life. Ang lalim! Anyway, September is about to end. Is it Pinas for good soon?:) You have come a long way and have matured in each area of your life while being abroad. I wish the best to all your future endeavors!:)

    1. Hey sis,

      I am actually stuck for few months here. Helping my boss look and train for a replacement pa. I was sad at first but hey, more savings! What's another few months here compare to the rest of my life in the Philippines, right?

      Read more about this here, sis:

  6. Oh my, it really is hard not to want more. It's a daily struggle for me and perhaps, for most of us. I try to be content by being happy and grateful for each blessing in my life. I think reminding ourselves of the goodness of the Lord works wonders in keeping our wants at a healthy level. :)

    1. That's why I always emphasize the need to have a "grateful heart" coz that thing really works! When you know how blessed you are and you constantly remind yourself by giving thanks all the time, you tend to realize that you have more than enough

    2. Uy, may name ka na ngayon! Real name ba yan or online pseudonym mo lang? Hehe. :)

  7. I luv this post. It is really true.

    I think by nature people are inclined to want more. And you are right, it is good to strive to live a life with a grateful heart.

    1. Yah, gratitude is the antidote to that "I want more" attitude. Appreciating every little things we have can make you feel more blessed.


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