Monday, August 25, 2014

Podcasts I Listen to ( Personal Finance, etc.)

I have been listening to Podcasts way before I started blogging. For a person like me who loves to walk, listening to something while I'm at it keeps me entertain, and it is also a way for me to learn something. Sometimes, when I get so bored with my running playlists, I listen to some podcasts while running. 

We should squeeze in some learning time no matter how busy we are. Saying "I don't have time to read" is not an excuse anymore. There are audiobooks, iTunes U and Podcasts to listen to. Stuck in a traffic jam? Listen to some podcasts. It keeps your mind occupied, thus preventing you to constantly complain, plus you can learn a thing or two ( provided you are in your own car (Philippines). Mind the snatchers, ok?)

What is a Podcast?

- Podcast is kind of like a radio. I'd like to call it "audio blogging" wherein you can "Subscribe" to a Podcaster you like and you get to download and listen to the content they publish.

 What I like about listening to podcasts is I can clean, do laundry, wash dishes, walk or do any mundane, automatic activities that don't  require my full attention. This is the only time I multitask coz as much as possible, I avoid multitasking. Plus, IT'S FREE!

How do you get it?

I am using iPod Touch (4th gen? I am not sure). I searched and downloaded an app in the App Store called "Podcast". For some, the app might be in your device already. By the way, this is only for Apple users. The Android version is Stitcher.

Podcasts I am listening to:

  • The Dave Ramsey Show: Take Control of Your Money
 "Debt is dumb; cash is king
...and the paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW as the status symbol of choice

- This is my favorite podcast ever! Although there is a new episode five days a week, I get so sad whenever I finished listening to one. :( That's how I love it! Dave Ramsey advocates "paying off mortgage, becoming debt-free, having no credit card, etc", things that I have been doing. Though I'm debt-free, it is inspiring to listen to people who wants to be one, their struggles and all. The best part of the show? The DEBT-FREE SCREAM wherein debt-free couples get interviewed by Dave Ramsey then they do the " WE ARE DEBT-FREEEEE!!!!" scream. I still get goosebumps listening to each and every couple who participates in it!

If you are a person who want to get out of debt and is stuck coz you don't know what to do or just simply looking for some inspiration, I highly suggest you listen to this podcast. I can guarantee that you will get inspired!

Note: I learn from this podcasts how it is so possible to get a mortgage or a car without "credit score" coz, as you may or may not know, people in this country worship the "credit score goddess" and most people thought that you can't live the American Dream without a credit score.

  • Stacking Benjamins
" Earn, Save and Spend with a plan"

- This is the podcast I don't listen to while I am in a public place coz, out of the blue, while listening to it, I'll suddenly burst out laughing!

The hosts Joe Saul-Sehy (Average Joe) and OG (the Other Guy) are so funny, they insert a humor or two and I'll end up laughing,  making me look like a crazy person. They  said that they "operate their super secret podcast live from Joe's Mom's basement" which I think is a joke. The podcast features daily top headlines and their comments about it, round table gang where guests are invited and they talk about the certain topic of the day, There is also PK's or the Evil HR Lady's episode, there is also some trivia and movie reviews right at the end. Laid-back, fun podcast to listen to.

  • The Suze Orman Show
-Whenever I miss the Saturday shows, I listen to it here. Exact same thing except, of course, it's all in audio. My favorite part: Approve or Deny- wherein the viewers ask if they can afford certain thing, then Suze Orman inspect their financial status to see if they can or cannot afford it.

    "People first, then money, then things"

  • Money Plan SOS

"Helping you pay attention, not interest"

- A follower of Dave Ramsey, he focuses about debt-free life. He is almost done with his mortgage payment.

  • Listen Money Matters

- Another funny, laid-back podcast. The hosts Matt, who is a newbie on the financial world which many can relate, and Andrew, the finance nerd who used to work for the now-bankrupt Lehman brothers. They talk finance over beer and they cuss a lot, so for those of you who doesn't mind those beer talks and cuss words, go ahead and listen to it. You'll get entertain.

  • Happy Yuppie Podcast
- I learned about this podcast over at Randell Tiongson's site few months ago. I love that the host, Mighty Rasing, is a Filipino coz, there are only a handful pinoy podcaster. This podcast keeps me updated with the job market and behavior of the young professionals in the Philippines. Recently, he interviewed an OFW and two of his companion who were a personal finance advocates. I enjoyed it a lot. Right up my alley!

  • Create My Independence

- The host, a young man who saved a sizable amount of money then quit his job to pursue other interests. If you want to know how he did it, then listen to his podcasts.

  • Minimalism for the Rest of Us

- Coz I am a wannabe minimalist. The host interviews people who live and breath minimalism. Inspiring and motivating me to get rid of my crap.

  • The KickAss Life

- When I want to take break from anything finance, I listen to this. Inspiring podcast.

  • The Entre Leadership Podcast

- Want to be an effective business leader? Then you got to listen to this podcast. It tackles about entrepreneurship and how to be good at it. For budding entrepreneurs, aspiring leaders old and new.

How about you? Do you listen to Podcasts? Let me know if you do and recommend some for me.


  1. I listen to podcasts at home while doing the chores. Yes, I know...very housewife.

    But I love listening to food related podcasts. My favorites are:
    Spilled Milk podcast
    The Alton Browncast
    America's Test Kitchen Radio
    The Splendid Table

    I wish I had an iPod to allow me to listen to podcasts when out (as long as I have a wifi connection I guess). I don't subscribe to data on my phone plan, which is perfectly fine :)

    1. I don't have data on my iPod, too. Before heading out, I download a bunch of podcasts so I can listen to them while out and about. I love my iPod a lot coz I can do everything except,of course, call, without having to pay 50 bucks every month (iPhone monthly thing)

  2. mukhang interesting yan ha, makpagdownload nga ng podcasts sa myphone ko, pahinga ko muna mata ko kababasa sa ebooks :), tnx for sharing.

    1. Is Myphone an android? If it's android then it's "Stitcher" app. It is the podcast version for android. Then after you download Stitcher, search the podcasts I suggested above.

  3. yup, its an android cellphone. May na-search ako sa playstore na podcasts republic-isa pa lang na-download ko kay Stacking Benjamin, Tama ba?

    1. Maybe that's it. I've been hearing kasi from all the Podcast about wanting reviews sa iTunes and sa Stitcher, which they said, for Android version. So I assumed that it's between the two lang. May podcast republic din pala.

      Hope it works for you and let me know how you like 'em

  4. I've downloaded one in Stacking Benjamin--their guest is Sharon Lechter. Mas okay tong audio medyo sumusumpong na kasi astigmatism ko e. Try kong pakinggan bukas habang nasa biyahe papasok sa office.

  5. thanks for sharing again! I listed down the ones that I am interested in hearing and will download them! Thank you PINASforGOOD!! xx -kath

    1. Hey Kath,

      Let me know how you like them when you finally listen to them. :)

  6. Hi Maria, thanks for listening to the Happy Yuppie podcast. :) I appreciate it a lot. You can also check and for other Pinoy Videk podcasts although most of these shows are entertainment shows, not 'learning' ones, with the exception of a few.

    1. Hey Mighty,

      I'll check them all out. Thanks!

      Congrats pala on your new book. :)

  7. Thank you for sharing! Good alternative to ebooks. Hope it works with my nano 3rd gen! 😂

  8. Dave Ramsey! I learned the envelope system from him! Though I did not succeeded. I will look for this on itunes! Thanks!


  9. Thank you so much... your blog is giving very useful knowledge for all.i didn’t have the knowledge in this now i get an idea about this.. thks a lot:-)
    Also do you want spot cash for credit card in chennai at low interest

  10. I'll add Dave Ramsey, Stacking Benjamins, and Suze Orman on my Podcasts. Thanks for the list. :-)

    And here are my favourite podcasts:

    For Pinoys in Canada:
    1. Mostly Money, Mostly Canadian
    2. Canadian Couch Potato (favourite finance podcast)

    For Everyone:
    1. Spark - True Stories Live (love the British accent)
    2. Philisophy Bites - British podcast
    3. 2 Create a website - love the humour, for bloggers
    4. English Teacher Melanie - it's not yet too late to correct the wrong pronunciation

    MY FAVOURITE of all is SIDE HUSTLE SCHOOL by Chris Guillebeau. It's a short podcast (less than 10 minutes) for anyone who wants to EARN like a freelancer. Passion and personal experience really PAYS a lot.

  11. UsapangPera by Vince Rapisura in youtube is really good. I've been re-reading your blog frequently (UwU) and it's my first time to comment. Hi!

    1. Hi Sean! Thanks for dropping by. :) I appreciate it. :)


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