Saturday, August 9, 2014

25 (More) Random Facts About Me

Since my first 25 Random Things About Me post became one of the popular posts,I thought it would be a good idea to share random information about me,so you can paint a picture or two about the author of this site,who wants to remain anonymous for the time being.

  • Yah,I post my pictures of myself and all but I am pretty confident that people would have a hard time knowing who I really am coz I have "one of those faces". A face you thought you knew coz I kind of like resembles somebody you know.My friends from college calls me "chameleon". Some say I look like a certain artista daw! Haha!In fact,while in college,I share the same facial features with 2 of my batchmates.One was one of my barkadas and,whenever we were together,people ask if we were sisters coz we look a like.We have a scripted answer which goes like this :We are sisters but with different fathers. This explains why we have different last name. Haha!Swear,it's a true story! 

  • I got my first ever cellphone (Nokia 3310) when I was turning 18.It was a product of a summer job,distributing flyers and being a watcher for a certain mayoral candidate during an election. 

  • I use to be extrovert while I was in college and now,I became introvert. Is that even possible? Nowadays,I love being alone.

  • I have been to clubs 3 times my whole life.The first time was for an experience sake.The second time was kind of like "trying to decide if I like it".The third time?I concluded that I really don't like being in clubs.I can't stand the crowd and the smell of smoke. Eeeeek.By the way, it was all for free.I was with my cousins and that was way back in college.

  • My first official relationship was a relationship I had after college.Official because both of our family knew we are in a relationship. He courted me for a year. We have been officially together for 6 months before going abroad.It didn't work out for both of us since LDR rarely work. I don't have boyfriend right now not because I am not over him yet but because it is hard for me to fall in love. It takes effort from the guy.Yah,the probinsyana in me,I guess. If I still keep this up, I definitely will be saying hello to "single blessedness".

  • I didn't have any boyfriend while I was college coz I totally believed that college=temptation and temptation=getting pregnant.I swore that I would kill myself if I get pregnant while I am still at school. That tactic really work for me.I didn't turn out pregnant and the major reason why will be explain below.

  • I was predicted that I will get pregnant among my cousins coz I always talk to guys daw according to my nasty uncle and a nasty family friend.They thought I was a slut and that family friend warned her daughter not to get too closed to me.Guess who got pregnant at 18? Her daughter and not me!  Bitter much?! I want to prove them wrong thus that "pact" I made for myself, which I stated above. In my defense, I am comfortable talking to boys coz I grew up with boys.Hearing those predictions from them hurt me so much that I still carry bitterness after all these years. I would never forget those words that left a scar within me.Now you know why. What the pact, right?

  • My father was a swimming coach,but I don't know how to swim!It's just that when he died,I avoided the beach and pools coz it reminded me of him.I was taught by him how to float though so I know how to float.

  • Around birth to when I was about 6 years old, we had an aspin named Happy. She was brown and whenever we call her name,she would wag her tail profusely.

  • I grew up hearing that I am "a wish granted from God" by my Papa coz he really wanted a daughter.

  • I used to be super addicted to

  • I don't like going to restaurants coz the tipping system here confuses me. Pang fastfood lang talaga ako. Haha!

  • I am a sleep-talker. It's genetics,from my mom's side.

  • I don't multitask.

  • I'm so horrible in math,I can't even memorize the multiplication table!I "survived" and passed math subjects by being present all the time. Like,I literally sit in front of the class coz I want the teacher to know that I am paying close attention to what she was teaching even though it was boring. If I could turn back time, I would tell my 4th-grade-self to try and force myself to memorize the multiplication table.

  • Celebrity crushes: Aside from Rob Thomas and John Frusciante, I am crushing on Anthony Bourdain, Owen Wilson, Randy Orton, Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart.

  • If I have a super power, I would like to have a power of invisibility. That was my fantasy during elementary so that I can go sneak at my classmates house so I know what's her secret for being so pretty. LOL! A product of being bullied when I was elementary.

  • I can totally rap. I had my rapping days when I was in highschool. I got over it pretty quickly.

  • My first ever doll was a plastic doll named Chiquitita. I wanted it so badly that I bugged my father to buy me one. It wasn't really a cuddly type. It was hard and made of plastic. After months of bugging my dad, he finally gave up. It was like around 20 pesos.

  • I have my secret special dance moves whenever I drink coffee.I am limiting my caffeine intake.I use to drink 8-12 cups of coffee everyday and now I am down to 2-3!That's why every cup deserves a celebration. 

  • My favorite single movie is Book Of Eli.That was the first movie I watched alone.It signifies a new whole phase in my life: independence. It also made me realized how I enjoy being alone.

  • When I was still living in Cebu, I saw a real turtle that got washed away by the heavy rains. I decided to keep it. I put it in an empty aquarium and feed it bananas everyday despite everybody's objection. They said it's bad luck to have a turtle in the house coz turtle's way of walking means we will be on the ground,forever crawling (poverty).The fifth-grade kid that was me won't listen but, coincidentally, around that time, my maternal grandmother died and we lost everything ( I explained everything in  one of my posts). Months after my grandmother died, I blamed my pet turtle for all the bad luck it brought us. I let it go with a tear in my eye.

  • I always daydream of solo backpacking all over the Philippines for a year with Red. I would daydream of staying in hostels without a care in the world with just a backpack in hand and Red beside me.

  • I love anything spicy. I got it from my dad's side. I had sili-eating contest with my friend once. Of course,I won! She got to treat for a liter of Coke.

  • I was a Papa's girl. I always wanted to be with him coz mama always said no with a pinch in the ear. My mama once rubbed sili on my lips coz I was being so stubborned and I was talking back to her. When Papa arrived from work,I ran to him and they had a big fight. Whenever I made a mistake,my Papa always blamed my brothers and not me.While my brothers received few spanking from him, he never laid hands on me.Mom always spank me though. Haha!


  1. kakatuwa nman ung story mo..natawa ako dun sa last part when you said your mom spanks you... :)

    1. Yah, I guess it's the mama's boy and papa's girl thing. Mama favors my brothers more than me growing up.

  2. Anthony Bourdain! Crush ko rin siya! Teeheehee

    1. "I write,I travel,I eat and Im hungry for more" Bad ass Anthony Bourdain ftw.

  3. I've been wanting to comment here, may kamukha ka talagang artista pero hanggang ngayon iniisip ko pa rin kung sino......

    About the turtle, parang hindi naman malas, I had an officemate from the first company that was 16 yrs ago she had a turtle,her brother won 1 million in a game show in channel 7 kya sila nakabili ng bahay sa cavite until now kasama pa rin nila yung pet turtle nila.


    1. Yah, I look Melai. hehe

      About my pet turtle, I didn't even believe it was a bad luck but coincendtally enough, my Lola died and we lost everything. It was just a coincidence. God made the turtle. It's not a bad luck.

      Hey, thanks for dropping by.

  4. Wow glad I found your blog, I put it on my bookmarks. I love Philippines, I've been here 3 times now. I'm here now in Bacolod since Nov. 10th. I respect all filipina girls! I will read more of your blog mamaya :)


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