Saturday, August 30, 2014

EconoME and You: About Economics, A New Part of this Site

As an investor, it is important to learn about economy. What drives or stimulate an economy, it's components, factors to consider, etc.- things that affects the stock prices.

I am beginning to shift my focus on the subject of economy. Maybe because I am bored with personal finance, saving tips and tricks and all (hey, I am doing all the frugality tips out there). I need a new branch to focus on. Economy directly mirrors the stock prices so here I am, trying to learn the basic economy.

Note: I am not, in any way, trying to be "know-it-all" when it comes to the economy subject. I am just trying to learn and, the best way to learn is to teach. How do I teach? Through blogging about it. When you teach what you learn, the information sticks better and longer.

To tell you honestly, I am currently reading about economics ( The Little Book of Economics by Greg Ip, borrowed from the library). I am taking notes and all and, I have been stuck with the same book for over a month now! That's how I know that I am not good at it. Most of the time, I have to reread a certain page coz the terms and explanations are kind of vague.

It is frustrating when I don't understand something in the book. I take notes and all and, would you believe when I tell you I have 15 pages back to back notes about this book?! And they said it's a "a little book about economics" haha! It so frustrating sometimes but, I always remind myself this is how I got started with the whole investing thing. I take notes, reread the pages, get frustrated coz I was too dumb about investing but, since I love to learn, I'll do it anyway. Now, I can easily read and understand stock investing books without having to linger too much on a certain page. It is my utmost hope that someday, I could read and understand an economics book without having to reread pages after pages.

Forever student

It is also a promise that as a beginner, I would try my best to explain something about economics in a plain language. Something  that you and me can understand. Hey, we are all learning here. 

I wanted to name the series MonkeyNomics but when I "googled"  it, it is already taken so I settled with this: EconoME and You coz, we are in this together. Haha!  

Come learn economics with me.

Cheers to learning! 


  1. Yehey, new post! A fan from Bahrain here!

    From Throwaway Thursday to EconoME and You, you sound so clever when it comes to naming things.

    What I like about you is that you aren't afraid to admit that you don't know things. Example: Not being able to memorize Mutiplication table. Gives me the impression that you are a normal person like me!

    I am looking forward for this new part of you blog.

    P.S.: Please make a FB fan page so I can easily get notifications if you have a new post. Thanks

    1. Hey, thanks so much for the kind words!

      Just say "reader" instead of "fan". Too embrassing! Hehe!

      And no, I am not an alien. Just a simple, breathing human being,too. Hehe.

      Sorry but I am not planning to open up FB page coz I don't want be suck up again in that whole unproductive-Facebook phase that I went through. I just quit last January and I'm so happy I finally did it! Maybe in the near future? But for now, no. Besides, there are only 12 readers on my site. 11 of my followers and then you so no need. Haha!

      Cheers and thanks!

  2. Nag level up ka na naman "miss pinas", mutual fund pa lang ako economics na ang topic mo makahabol sana ako :)

    galing talaga friend!

    1. Yah, I'm just bored oi. Tapos, I want to share what I am learning para naman it'll stick better.

  3. hello PiINASforGOOD! been reading your posts and learning a lot from them..I really admire your blog! keep posting whatever you learn so we could learn them too :D you are so humble and smart..I wish we could be friends hehehe rare na yung kagaya mo :) your fan (hehe) - kath

    1. Hey Kath,

      That is so sweet of you! I will, I will. Thanks for being the "13th" reader or maybe you and Ms. Bahrain are same people? then 12 readers lang. hahah!

      But thanks! :)

  4. Ako naman I'm super interested with behavioral economics because I want to understand why people behave the way they do when it comes to their finances. This will prove handy if I push through with being an RFP.

    1. I just read Spent: Sex, Evolution, and Consumer Behavior by Geoffrey Miller. Nice and easy to read. Baka yan hinahanap mo?

      What happen to your latest post? When I click it kanina, it's not available daw? I'll head back to your site and see if it's fix.

    2. Ay! I mistakenly pressed the published button instead of save while working on the post, that's why it was published for a few seconds even if it wasn't finished yet. Kakahiya naman, nakita mo pa:p

  5. I think you have a good number of readers. They just want to be "anonymous", like me. Hehehe... I hope to start my journey towards financial freedom too. Welcome home soon. I wish I could see you in 1 of your 365days travel around the Philippines.

    1. Hey, thanks for dropping by.

      I doubt it. I don't really "market" my blog. Like I don't tweet or make FB about it at all so maliit lang readers ko.

      About my "solo backpacking plans", it's not going to be right after I come home for good. It'll take a while pa coz I have to adjust pa, establish myself and all sa pinas before heading out for "the great adventure"


  6. Another book to add on my list. Most of the time I prefer audiobook since it's free. But because of your 15-page notes, I probably should read it although I'm not excited to take notes. I did take down notes when I read "Lazy Investor" by Derek Foster five years ago, I think. Thanks for the recommendation.


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