Thursday, July 31, 2014

Piggybanking: My Style and Technique

I don't have an actual piggybank,but I have something that I consider my piggybank.Introducing....

.. my piggybank or shall I say my PiggyDarth?Waaaah.Hey,I grew up with three brothers.I know all about Star Wars.Can't help liking it specially  when Qui-Gon Jinn was in it.Shucks!Haha!

Anyway,my PiggyDarth is a tin can which,as you can probably tell, originally contains chocolates.I got it days after Valentines day coz  it was 75 percent off.I was drawn to the tin can,not the chocolates.For some weird reason,I don't crave for chocolates anymore.It's like "the" dessert I can live without.Too weird.Maybe because of the abundance of chocolates here that I've gone sick of it?Law of diminishing satisfaction?

How I Feed My PiggyDarth

I spend cash.No credit cards.I have debit card,but I still prefer paying with cash.

I always withdraw $50 every week from my debit card  as a "whatever-you-want-to-do-with-it" fund or,in short,"fun fund".Well,it is not purely fun fund coz I also get my transportation cost and some accidental groceries cost(accidental because I get meal stipend at work and whenever I go overboard,I take it from my "fun fund").I walk to work,but I do take the metro whenever the weather is bad.With this fund,I could eat out or buy that workout clothes I have been eyeing or whatever I can think of buying BUT,I regularly set Spending Fast or No Spending Day/Week/Weekend (I explained it here). I've gotten so good at it that my "no spending muscle" is now fully developed! 

So,whatever else is left in my fun fund or whenever I don't spend at all,I feed it to Darth Vader.Like for the month of July,I didn't spend any of my fun fund at all so Darth Vader is $200 richer!I can here him say "C,feed me more money" with that voice of his when he said "Luke,I am your father".  Ha!

I also challenge myself not to break the $50 into smaller bills by the end of the week. That also motivates me not to spend coz I don't like looking at smaller bills tucked in my wallet.I'll either lose it or spend it all.

Stacking some Ulysses Grant

So, there you have it. My own version of a piggybank. I hope you pick up a tip or two.


  1. wow, i like your 'piggydarth'. but i like the bills in it more. hehe :)
    hi, i've read some of your posts. i'm happy for you! you'll be in pinas pretty soon. truly, hard work and frugality pay off. Good luck!

    Btw, i'd like to invite you to visit my new blogsite, my niche is also more on finance. it's
    Thanks! ;)

  2. piggy darth is unique, what caught my attention is the bills in it :)

  3. Hi there! I'm so inspired by your posts, glad to stumble upon your blog :). Glad you find someone who is frugal person like me, and I actually discovered that word from you hehe :). I also do piggybank, mine is an empty tin of eaten wafers. Gosh! so cool, I want to upgrade na my piggybank to all bills because at the moment I used for 20 and 50 cents. I always look forward to your tips because I am a young OFW like you :). All the best!

  4. *glad to find someone

    1. Hey, thanks a lot! Glad you like 'em!

      My other friend,too, "discovered" the frugal word through me daw coz I keep saying it. LOL!


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