Saturday, January 4, 2014

Walking in the Winter Wonderland 2014

January 4, 2014

It's Saturday and that means running day for me but the trail is covered with snow and I don't know if my rubber shoes has anti-slip feature so I decided not to jog this morning coz slipping ain't a good thing. I have a friend who got seriously hurt and had broke her hips after slipping on ice.

I took it easy, walked and took tons of pictures.

Walked  13 miles for 1 and half hour
 I am running for almost 3 years now but it's my first time to walked and see the trail while there is snow on the ground. I had Walkmaster, which I  already sent to the Philippines, that allowed me to get my weekend run whenever it was snowing or raining outside.

Below are the pictures I had taken during my walk:

Powdery goodness

Frozen Trail
The path I usually take during my run

It was nice to hear the "crunch" sound on every steps I took

A Man Walking His Dog

I had to take a break right over there so I can lay my iPod to take pictures of myself. haha!

Timer 1..2..3
Nice to take pictures of yourself when no one is around

People sleeding

Chmaporado- the perfect meal after a nice and cold walk

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