Saturday, January 18, 2014

People Can be so Rude

My head was aching yesterday and I decided to grab an ice cream after work since I have a gift card to spend. After work, I was excited and marched to the nearby mall, went to Coldstone Creamery and order Cheesecake Fantasy in Love It. I pay using my gift card but for some reason, my gift card didn't work. I told her that I just used it last Sunday and it work with 14 dollars balance in it. She kept insisting that it won't work and if I have a cash or debit and I told her graciously that I want to use my gift card up and she freakin' embarrassed me in front of costumers saying "how I get around without any cash or credit card or debit card around", aaaaahhhh! Seriously, I was about to give up my ice cream coz she was so rude! She called the manager who was in the nearby TMobile to switch up her contract. She just swiped my gift card with no problem. I walked out saying sorry for the inconvenience.

Is it my fault that their machine didn't work when that hoe swiped it? Does she need to embarrassed me? People can be so rude!

I "googled" the reviews of that certain Coldstone location,  turns out its not just me who experienced rudeness and it had 2 stars unlike the other Coldstone location nearby.

Oh well, people's rudeness is a reminder for us not to act that way to others coz it doesn't feel good at all.


  1. Yeah, I also hate it when I come across people like that. If it 's any consolation, chances are her life is probably as miserable as she made you feel.


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