Thursday, May 30, 2013

Delayed Gratification

To buy or not to buy?

Spendthrift me :  Ohh, I really need an IPad!

Tightwad me:  Do you really need it, or do you want  it? What are you going to use an IPad for anyway? As if you are an on-the-go business woman who has business that needs constant monitoring. YOU DON'T REALLY NEED IT!

Spendthrift me : Buuuuuut....... I haven't spend anything for myself for a long time! I'm entitled for little luxuries in life such as this, right?!

          Do you find yourself in a situation like this? Congratulations, you aren't an impulse buyer! Controlling your impulse to buy expensive stuffs is a part of financial literacy. The need to examine yourself before buying is crucial step to financial independence. You can't get rich by buying and accumulating stuffs that don't put meaning to your life. By practicing delayed gratification, you become thankful with what you have or what you will have. Everything you will acquire through delayed gratification has meaning because you did the effort and discipline. You will take care and respect your stuffs more.

          A year ago, a mental conversation like the one above happened to me. Being a frugal person, I stopped and gave myself a time and decided to save, even though I can afford and buy it right away. So, I labelled "IPad" on an empty jar, and I committed myself in putting $50 every two weeks. Six months later, with $600 in hand, I was ready to buy an IPad.... So, did I buy it? Naaaaaah, I realized that I don't really want it.  Do you know what I did with the $600? I added it to my stock investment in the Philippines. I bought myself a gift for my future! I'll be Php 360,000 richer 30 years from now! Yay!
           One thing that I've been doing to keep my material desire at bay is to have a grateful heart. Saying thank you to even the smallest things that I have makes me realized that I am blessed with more than enough. Instead of complaining about my heavy and slow laptop, I'm saying thanks cause even though my laptop is slow and heavy, it still works! Then I think about the people who made my laptop, I asked God to blessed them. I think of my ability to buy a laptop, I thank God for my work.

There's a lot to be thankful for. Just say thank you to the littlest stuffs and you will realized how blessed your life is. Try this, it works!

Everything takes time.


  1. fellow "frugalista"...nice blog, i'll visit this often :)

  2. Yup.. best way to control impulse buying is to delay it. Keep it up!

  3. Very inspiring blog! Will surely visit again. :)

  4. Thank you for the inspiring blogs, simple but concise,meaningful and very helpful! Can't wait for your next article!


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