Thursday, May 23, 2013


This blog chronicles the crazy stuffs , finance wise, that the author has  been doing prior to going  to her native country, the Philippines. She isn't a professional financial planner and readers should take in consideration the information found in this blog before applying it to their lives.

She considers herself financial literate through self-education by reading finance books, finance blogs and anything in between.

She loves to experiment on tips and tricks to save money and consider herself frugal-boarder line-cheap.

This blogs also chronicles the way to much more simple, minimalist lifestyle. The author coin the word Throwaway Thursday where she post pictures of stuffs she is letting go and publish it on Thursdays.

She also post random everyday stuffs to ward off boredom and homesickness.

The author is an avid runner , a coffee drinker and loves her laid-back Chuck Taylor Converse shoes a lot. 

Her favorite tan Chuck Taylor shoes

Join her as she take baby steps and big leaps towards financial freedom and early retirement, so she can pursue what makes her happy without worrying about how to fund old age.

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