Thursday, March 28, 2019

Renewing my PRC ID without CPD

Here’s my experience:

I arrived at PRC-Cebu (near Innodata) at 8:15 AM


1. THIS IS IMPERATIVE: Please make an appointment through the PRC website. I got mine a month before the day of my appointment.

2. Please observe proper attire. 


  • Register at PRC website. You will be asked to scan your photo there. No need to bring photos to PRC. THIS PART IS IMPORTANT.
  • Make an appointment and screenshot or print your appointment reference number
  • Php 450

Here’s the process:

  • Write your name on the log book before entering the building.
  • Proceed to Cashier. The Cashier will ask for your appointment number. I showed her the screenshot and Paid 450.
  • Proceed to the COOP Costumer Service section so you can print your renewal form. I don’t know if you can print this at home but if you can, I suggest you should print it beforehand for smooth-flowing process. The lady at the counter is slow as a snail. Cost of printing: Php 20
  • Proceed to the guard near the entrance and ask for priority number.
  • Wait for your number to be called at Counter 2. Prepare for proof of CPD, if you have any. If you don’t have CPDs, you will be asked to sign the promissory note. 
  • Photocopy the renewal form. You can do this at the COOP costumer service. Cost of photocopy: Php 2
  • Proceed to Counter 3. Submit the original renewal form and wait for the release of your new PRC card.

Total number of minutes from start to completion:  1 hour and 15 mins. 

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