Tuesday, October 17, 2017


I have been MIA, sorry. A lot of things got in the way, plus I'm just plain lazy. 

  • Sink got clogged. I spent a lot of money using chemical products (Liquid Sosa, lye, muriatic acid) but all of them weren't really successful in declogging my sink so I called the plumber and they took out my tiles. I found out that the pipe had a lot of oil that solidified. DON'T EVER DUMP OIL!
  • I went to Europe and back.
  • I kicked my younger brother out. He lies, steals and doesn't have a job. 
  • I hosted my first ever party and sleepover at home and as a minimalist, it was a tough thing.
  • I already put up my Christmas tree. 
  • Still teaching online.
  • Still going to the wet market, but I added Lander's on my list of go-to stores to buy necessities. 
  • Planning to see the Lion King Broadway show in Manila this March. 
  • Planning to go to Kenya by October, 2018 to see the great migration of animals and experience Safari. (Budget according to research: Php 150,000)

Nothing much has change, really. 


  1. Thank you Ms. M for the inspiration! :D

  2. Hooray! An update!

    Glad to hear you're doing well (except for the brother situation, that is).

  3. So many things in one post. Maybe in the future we'll also learn travel hacks and not just investing. Thanks for keeping us updated.


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