Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Less I Know, The More I Save...

  • The less I know about makeup, the less I get tempted to buy and hoard. I’ll just stick to the basic: 

Yep, my entire makeup collection

  • The less I exposed myself to YouTube vlogs, the more contented I get with what I have.
  • The less I know about fashion, the less I shop. 
Know your style. For me, I gravitate towards athleisure type of fashion. Comfort over trend. 

  • The less I know about skin care and current hyped ingredient, the less I get tempted to buy and look for another holy grail product. I’ll just stick to the basic: cleanse, scrub (towel), moisturize and protect.

Why complicate life? 

Less is definitely more.


  1. This is soo true!!! I hope ganyan din meee

  2. I keep coming back to Maria's blogs for any updated entry but there hasn't been one since this last article. Hope she's alright. Or maybe she decided to drop everything?

    1. Hello H! It's Maria! I'm still alive and kicking. Nothing much has changed aside from the coronavirus issue. Still don't feel like blogging. Maybe I will in the future.

    2. Me too. Keep going back to see the latest. Take care always Miss Maria. :)

  3. me too,i keep going back to see any updates. We hope makapag blog ka po uli. Take care po and God bless Miss Maria. :)

  4. bakla update update din ng blog


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