Thursday, August 6, 2015

OPLAN Lower Electric Bill: Buying LPG ( Current Price of a 7kg Gasulito+Tank)

My friend was teasing me on how OA I was coz I was freakin' out super badly because of my Php 1,600 electric bill. Well yah, now that I a think of it, super OA nga ako nag freak out about my electric bill. It's way beyond my budget so I got to do some bad-ass Operation Plan Lower Electric Bill drama.

So, if you read my previous post, I wrote that I will buy LPG,  like ASAP and so I did....

Gasulito : ( I didn't buy the biggest one since my stove is only single burner and let's face it, it's only me and my brother here.)
Price: 7kg Cylinder (Tank) : Php 1,100
Gas inside: Php 450
LPG Regulator: ( I bought a wrong one at Ace Hardware so I needed to buy another one. I didn't get to buy the hose though since the one from Ace Hardware came with a hose so I used that one instead of buying another hose): Php 180

TOTAL: PHP 1,730

I bought my La Germania single burner gas stove few months ago and I didn't get to use it coz I was thinking that my La Germania electric stove (second picture below) won't eat up a lot of electricity. I was proven wrong.

Rest for now....

Let's see how low my electric bill can go!


  1. Parang type ko din i-implement yang Oplan LEB na yan. :P

    Though bumaba ng 1300+ yung July consumption namin compared to June, sobrang laki pa rin. Huhu.

    Ang hirap magtipid pag hindi mo sarili ang bahay. :(

  2. Electric stove eats up electricity like a hungry blob, good thing you switched to Gas Ms.Marie. Oh by the way I'm new here, hope to read more from you. :)


  3. that will last you for months, for sure. coz in our house, 4 kami including my daughter, our gas consumption reaches a little more than a month. so for you, for sure 2 months yan or 3. lalo na if you keep the fire low when cooking. --kath

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