Monday, May 26, 2014

Long Weekend: Mountain Climbing and Caribbean Festival

I spread myself too thin this weekend. I agree to go mountain climbing on Saturday and I also agree to go to a festival the next day coz the hubby of one of my friends is playing in a band.

Since I love the outdoors, one of my life goals is to climb many mountains. My first climbing experience, which I've done many of times after that,  was Mt. Palpalan in Pagadian City. My aunt lives at the foot of the mountain and I remember going there for vacation all the time when I was living in Cebu. There, I sealed my love of nature. 

My coworkers were planning to climb the nearby mountain and I tagged along. It has been glorious and I'm glad I went.  

Let me bombard you with pictures but first, enjoy my short clip of me being so happy I get to the top, after hours and hours of hiking. I was goofing around. Enjoy my monkey, awkward and childish moves!

The next day, I went to a festival which was a bad idea coz I was so tired from last day's hike. I already said yes and I haven't seen my Filipino friends for a long time so I decided to go.

It's my first time attending a festival and man, people got too wild... on dancing... I was just people-watching and I took a lot of clips with all that dirty dancing. I was just laughing and shaking-my-head. (For some reason, I can't seem to upload longer videos here so, I only uploaded one.Oh, well.)

Today, I am just chillin' like a villain at home. I am too tired from being out this past two days but, I did enjoy it. Some kind of experience, I must say.

 Readying for  another day at work tomorrow.

How's your Memorial Day weekend? 

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