Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Stock Investing: My Facepalm Moment

Those who are involve in the stock market would  seem to only mention and exaggerate their winnings and would downplay or wont tell you how much they've actually lost.

I, on the other hand, has a facepalm moment which I will share with you so you guys can hopefully pick up a lesson or two. I look back ,shaking my head and say "What was I thinking?!"

As you may or may not know, I am paying for my younger bro's college education (he will graduate next month so yay!).

One day,I was browsing the stock listing and I saw my bro's school and I was like "hey, I should invest in this stock coz I am paying for his education therefore,my money goes here"

I did invest and guess what happened? It dropped and dropped and I haven't gotten a single positive sign since then. Ouch!

Actual stock not shown

My mistake? Not doing a single fundamental analysis in it.Every time I invest in a particular stock, no matter how popular that stock is, I always do some FA but weirdly, I didn't dig much deeper in this stock and the result was devastating.I was thinking  "I should patronized the product where  money is going" and I was wrong, so wrong. 

My defense is "oh well, I'm glad it's just Php 20,000". Hey, I used "just" not because Php 20,000 is nothing to me ( heck,  I beat myself up for spending $5 McDonald's meal how much more $500?!) but because  this is the lowest price I invested in a single stock.

Learn from my mistake.


  1. Hi there! Awww, I too do invest in stocks that I am somehow a consumer like banks and airline. Just because I use them hehe so far out of two, I had gain in my airline stock the bank one has yet to pick up. How do you do your FA? I still have a lot to learn that hehe :"). My basis for buying is if I benefit from that certain stock, recommended by COL and lastly if I have extra I will buy due to hype haha.

    Oh and btw how will I see if you have reply na to my comment? Or its not possible kasi I'm anonymous? Please advice hehe, I'm not really familiar here sa blogspot. Thank you :)

    P.S have you consider moving to Tumblr? hehe just curious, namakialam pa eh noh :)))))

    1. Do you invest in the Phils? Are you referring to CEB (the airline stock)? If so, may CEB din ako!

      I have yet to post how I do FA. I learned it by reading tons of book about that topic. It is so crucial to do it before investing to know if the company is healthy or not.

      Here are some:

      • What is the company selling?
      • Track record? How long have they been in business?
      • The management/company's CEO, etc.
      • Have they taken on too much debt?
      • Earnings

      Madami pa.

      But, when you do FA, you are going to sleep better at night knowing that you did your research and the company will always be there 20 years from now.

      Whoever you are, don't invest just yet now, prices are soaring now. Just wait for it to drop. "Be careful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful"

      Me too, I don't know this whole blogspot thing.. Maybe you can also follow me through Tumbler? I follow a lot of Wordpress site.. Don't knowif toy works the same sa Tumbler.

      Don't worry, I always reply.;)


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