Sunday, July 31, 2016

Random Life Update: I Feel Like A Traitor!

This blog started as a finance blog, I would say. I posted a lot of tips and tricks on how to save money, weird cheapskate ways that I have been doing to save money while working away from home so I can finally come back to "pinas for good". I feel like I'm not leading a cheapskate life anymore that's why I don't feel like updating my blog because I FEEL LIKE A DAMN TRAITOR! ( I know, ang daming "like". American teenager ang drama!)

It's all because I started working and I started earning money. Let me explain.

  • First few months after my "pinas for good" moment, I was very conscious with my spending. If you followed my posts, I had a weekly budget of Php 500 for grocery, Php 600 for electricity (monthly), Php 150 MCWD, etc. My monthly expenses was about Php 5,000 maximum. Now that I'm working, BAM! I have been turning on the AC 8 hours everyday ( Php 1,800 per month), I have been eating out and trying restaurants, watching movies left and right, getting a massage every month ( Php 350 per massage), getting Stark and Pepper groom every two months ( Php 1,200 for both), etc. etcetera, ETCETERA! I feel like I'm not leading a cheapskate life anymore that's why I feel embarrassed updating this blog. :(

  • I earn average of Php 15,000 per month (6 1/2 days per week-5 hours per day except Wednesday( 2 hours lang) and Monday (OFF)...I can open more hours if I want to, but I'm lazy.) My current rate is 60 per student, not including incentives (like, if I reach certain number of students per month, substitutions and the like). The highest that I got in a month was Php 18,000, while the lowest is Php 10,000. My current expenses is about Php 8,000-9,000. I would say that my current lifestyle is not as "pigil" as before. If I feel like I want to drink some Black Pearl, I go ahead and drink Black Pearl. If I feel like eating Zark's Burger, I go ahead and eat some Zark's Burger. Kaya nga I feel like I'm not the right fit for this blog na coz I'm not a cheapskate anymore. :(

  • Palusot: Now that I'm working and I only take my monthly expenses in my salary and I'm not taking anything from my investments and savings, I feel like I can spend on what I want. What do you think?

  • I'm still on the fence if I should buy a car or not. I know, I know... I said in my other posts that once I'll get a job, I'll go ahead and buy a car, but man, I don't really need one! I have been hitching rides with my cousin and to tell you honestly, the traffic in Cebu is no fun. I feel like it's not fun to drive because you will get stuck in traffic for hours and hours on end. One time, we got stuck in traffic for three freakin' hours! UC's fault!

  • But I live a little bit farther from the city and I kept thinking of My Ganni Bear, on how I wasn't able to bring him to the hospital asap because I was waiting for the taxi. I think I need a car just for emergency purposes. Idk yet!

  • My cousin bought a Mitsubishi Mirage recently and I was in love! If ever I'll buy a car, Mirage would have to be on top of my list.  Buh bye, Wigo!

  • I still go to the Wet Market and La Nueva, but one thing I don't like about La Nueva is that they don't carry the biggest stuff. Example: I bought "Domex" for Php 80+ (500 ml). They don't sell 1 liter of Domex for some reason, but when I checked SM Supermarket, The price of Domex 1 liter is just Php 95!  Ang liit ng difference, diba? When I learned about this, I started observing La Nueva's stocks. Yes, I concluded that they don't carry full sizes of most of the products and for me, if I buy something, I make sure that I'm buying the full sizes kasi makakatipid ka talaga in the long run.

  • Ahhhh, the feeling of going to La Nueva and not having to pull out your calculator because you might go over budget: Priceless!

  • In my previous post, I told you that I'm seriously thinking of installing water tank because the water supply system in my area was driving me nuts and I already have a tank! Wohoooo! I paid Php 17,000 all in all, including labor. I got the money from my salary so bongga! :)

  • Installing water tank would have to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. I can "clean as I go" because I don't need to wait for the water supply to come back on and I don't need to store water because it store water automatically when the pressure is high (usually around 2 AM). The only downside is if walang kuryente, wala ka ding tubig but power outages are very rare in my area ( maybe once every two months or so- 3 to 4 hours max). 

  • I also bought a window security alarm and it works! Cost: Php 280+ at True Value.

  • And oh, diba I told you that I will be supporting local products? I couldn't seem to keep it! :( One time, while Stark and Pep were in the pet salon in ParkMall. I was wandering around the mall and I went inside Japan Home Center and BAM! I was hooked. Bite me! :(

That's all folks! I'll keep you posted. 


  1. Ok lang naman siguro na gumastos ka paminsan minsan kasi may savings ka pa din naman.

  2. yay, finally, an update! treat yourself pud ma'am uy. la-in pud nang miser ta. haha. i hope your blogging mojo is back na ;)

  3. Sis, welcome back sa blogging world. Tagal mo nawala and bam yung post mo super long and I really love reading your whereabouts. Haha. Anyhow, don't feel bad na madami kang gastos kasi you deserve it naman na paminsan minsan mag indulge sa mga wants. Looking forward sa mirage car mo. Hehe.

  4. Where do you work ate? Online?

  5. Like what Paula Pant said save and invest a portion of the earning and spend the rest without guilt.

    Enjoy the fruit of your labor. It's part of financial independence whatever stage you are in. (That window security alarm with a dog on seems reasonable and adorable.)


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