Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Lovin'

I rarely go out during weekends, but today, as a late birthday present for my buddy Amanda, I went out for a lunch with her in the nearby mall. It was tiring but, at the same time, fun going out with a 13-year-old buddy of mine.

I woke up around 9 AM, which was a pretty late. I slept late last night, around 1 AM, coz I was watching The Haunting, which creeps me out. The belief that God always wins makes me want to finish the whole show, that belief makes me sleep soundly. I am addicted to this show, yes!
I started with a nice jog this morning. Dude, I really need to buy a new sports bra, ugh! I have this pain in the side while running my second mile-- you know, that kind of pain below your lungs at the side of your abdomen-- I usually get this kind of pain because I don't use proper breathing technique while I'm running. What's that thing called? Lemme google it... Oh, it's called Side Stitch.
After all the sweats, I went home, showered, ate, cleaned the whole house, slam dunk my comforter in the washing machine.

Then my mall adventure with my buddy, Amanda began around 11:30 AM.

The mall is walking distance , but she insisted that we ride a bus- she wants to experience the dropping of the coins and the pulling of the string thingy. I have my reloadable card called SMARTRIP for paying the bus and she had none so , she paid the bus by dropping coins-- she loves it! I'm glad I am able to show her the public transportation stuffs. :D

We went to my bank to deposit and they have this new machine for depositing money, I tried it but it gave me a problem- so, I went inside the bank and talk to the teller to let her know that I deposited money but the machine never gave me any receipt and the screen just posted that there was an error . We waited for like 30 mins , but I'm glad it all went well. That's my week's pay, me no want it to go buh-bye!

Reading while waiting for the teller

We ,then, went to the mall. We walked around and went to the arcade. It was my first time in there. She played Deal or No Deal and she won 75 tickets! She is good with this stuff.

Lunch: Subway for her Fries and Shake for Me

Dulce de Leche aka Caramel Shake at MickeyD is yum!

Walking home barefoot! Talk about feeling teenager!

Saw little bunny on the way home

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