Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hotta Hotta

As I was rummaging and arranging stuffs, I found a coffee that was given to me by a Vietnamese coworker. She wants me try it coz she knows I'm addicted to coffee. 

What a hot day! I'm sweating like a pig!

Metro doesn't allow passengers to drink inside the trains and buses, but now, since it's too hot, they lifted up the rule a lil bit so passengers can sip here and there. That's how hot it is here!

I jogged this morning and mowed the grass after. The mower gave up on me again! Ugh! I'll let it rest and see what happens in a day or two. I also went to the library and returned the DVDs I borrowed.

I went to church this afternoon for an anticipated mass. I am happy that the recent parish priest is a Filipino and we both speak bisaya coz he is from Tacloban. At first he thought that I was Spanish until I said "Pa bless po, Father". I am always happy to know Filipinos around my area.

I'm watching the Price of Sex, a documentary about sex trafficking of Eastern  European women . My heart is crying for the women involved :(. Some women were promised well-paying job but, in the end, they were traded for sex. People there are looking for greener pasture coz  when communism fell, their economy collapsed.

I got to finish this show.  'Til next time.

Paalam. Ciao

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