Sunday, March 2, 2014

Moving and Getting Sick

It's March and winter isn't over yet. We are expecting more snow and this cold weather is making me sick. I got sick this week. Fever, stuffy nose, loosing my voice to name a few. I'm mess and I'm glad I am getting better. My friend gave me salabat and boy, it felt so good down my throat. She also gave me Emergen-C. It claims to have 1000 MG of Vitamin C in  it.  

Emergen-C in raspberry in a snowy day

And ooh, I'm moving. My employer is renovating the house that I am staying. She is selling it. I am somewhat a caretaker of her extra house. She waited for the market to pick up due to the recession before selling it. She has a spare bedroom so now, I am currently crashing at her place.

Tonight, we are expecting winter storm Titan and it'll bring 5-10 inches of snow!

It's Sunday and new episode of Walking Dead is on tonight! Yay!

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