Monday, November 16, 2015

Wet Market Sunday

I didn't buy much  because there is a road construction leading to our subdivision and I have to walk a quarter of a mile coz no vehicles are allowed to enter, so no heavy stuff for me.

I still have tons of biscuits from previous wet market runs, so I still have food to snack on whenever I feel like it.

And oh gosh, the gasulito still works! I mentioned in my previous post that I ran out of LPG but I remember the trick my lola use to do ( I don't know how to explain it but you basically just tilt the LPG slowly from side to side, not all the way tilt though but just enough to kind of shake whatever is left inside. I know, my explanation sucks!) and then, boom, my gasulito has still a little juice left! Still using it until now.
  • Fruits and Veggies: Php 93.58
- Lanzones: Php 25 (Php 50 per kilo)
- String Beans: Php 8.58 (Php 35 per kilo) Bought this at Virginia Farms Porkshop together with the meat
- Veggies: Php 60

  • Coconut : Php 30 I was so proud of myself for choosing coconut instead of my usual kakanin.

  • Pork Bones (for Stark and Pepper) : Php 57.63 (Php 51 per kilo) It was on sale
  • Ground Pork: Php 45.14 (Php 153 per kilo)
  • Sawdust (for Stark and Pepper): Php 60 (Php 30 per kilo)

  • Rice: Php 31  (1 kilo)

  • Choco Lanay : Php 5 The only kakanin I got, so proud of myself! Ayuh!

  • La Nueva Grocery: Php 204.40
- Selecta Low Fat Milk: Php 71
- Fish Cracker: Php 22.50 (Php 7.50 each)
- Kopiko Cafe Blanca: Php 57.70
- Lucky Me Pancit Canton : Php 8.70
- Ligo Spanish Sardines: Php 30.40 Just trying this out. I'm kind of sick eating chili corned tuna.
- Camel Soy Sauce: Php 5.85
- Ram Green Peas: Php 8.25

Total: Php 526.75

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  1. Try ko nga rin yang technique sa LPG na sinabi mo. Hehehe.


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