Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Random Life Update

  • Yah, I haven't been active. Well, for the past couple of Sundays I haven't  been going to the wet market coz I wanted to finish up my stash because I went to Pagadian for All Souls'/Saints' Day and I planned to turn off the fridge coz my bro won't use it since he hardly stays home.

  • My laptop went RIP so that contributed to the lack of post. I have been using that laptop for almost 7 years.

  • I went and bought a laptop yesterday.

  • And since I have a new laptop, I told my friend to help me find job online coz I am bored to death. Since I have been tambay for the longest time, I feel like I am not accomplishing anything in my life. I thought, "Gosh, I'm almost 30. I need to keep myself busy." I miss the rush I feel whenever I do something that earns. I need to find job kahit maliit lang ang sahod coz I am bored to death ( or maybe I should find  a hobby.) I feel like I am becoming depressed. I keep reminding myself of all the things I accomplished but nakaka depress ang tambay at walang ginagawa! Finance-wise, I am okay naman, pero emotionally- I need to get back on track. Maybe this depression and this feeling that I am not accomplishing anything contributed to the lack of post.

  • My electric bill went considerably down since I implemented the OPLAN ELECTRIC BILL. It hovers around Php 600-Php 700, so that's good.

  • I ran out of Gasulito just today. So that's 3 months!

I know, right? My life update is boring, so my life is basically boring, so yah.. :(


  1. Na miss ko ang mga post mo Ms. Maria. Hope you'll feel better soon.

  2. Ni adto ka ug Pagadian? Waaaaa, nag organize unta ka ug meet up!

  3. Boredom = Time to do something productive again.

    Maybe get a job that will keep you busy and pay for some of the bills/ add to your investments?

    Diba you wanted to become a missionary before and/or travel around the Philippines? Maybe it's time to bring out your travel bags once again :)

  4. Boypren lang ang katapat ng boredom Ms. Maria. hehe

    1. Natawa ako pero tama naman kasi pagbored ako, inaaway ko jowa ko. Nakakawalang boredom nga. hahaha

  5. Sana ako rin kapag 30 years old na is magkaroon din ako ng town house like yours. Yup, mejo nakakainis yang ganyang feeling na tingin mo wala kang masyadong na aaccomplish. Sana makahanap ka na ng work para busy busy'han na ang peg mo at mawala na yang negativity na naiisip mo. Hehe. :D

  6. Miss Maria, I miss your posts. Everyday when I open my blog, I look up for your post. Yes, find a hobby you will love.I am getting bored too since husband went home a couple of months ago. I went to thinking a lot. Reading a lot. Even neglecting my blog too. And then, to keep me sane on my hours outside of work (bawal din kasi overtime sa amin), I went to look for a sideline. :) Right now, it consumes most of my time kapag walang work. Minimize na rin ang kakaiyak ko sa pagkamiss ko sa baby ko.

  7. HI ate si Alyssa po Ito guess what I'm in Dubai Na po! Hehe been here for a while Na po- wow ok Lang Yan ate atleast you are safe, maybe you should study for a degree or masters or work for a bank hehe to keep you busy too, stay safe po God Bless and regards kela babies nyu po, ps nag email po ako sainyu about where I work Na po Ayun Lang po update Ko Lang din po considering u r like a big sis to me also thanks po , ciao

  8. Hello PinasforGood! Ching ni.. I'm looking forward na sa future updates.
    daghan ang gahulat.. hahaha

  9. Go for online jobs! Or maybe travel! Post more pls! :)

  10. Hello maria! been waiting for your update narin. buti naman okay ka, well except for the boredom and depression part. Oo nga why not try an online job..visit the site marami ako nakita duon :) I am planning to get an online job from that site para maka pag resign na ako sa job ko.

    Please do update us regularly na ok? missed you! xx



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