Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Totally Getting Their Drift...

My employer hosted a Rosh Hashanah dinner party and I attended. I just got settled in my bed with a full belly. Jewish food are delish! Challah and rugelach all the way!

While at the table, after a long trail of words and merrymaking, the conversation went to economy and the stock market, and my ears perked up! I was just listening to them intently. I was proud of myself for knowing what IMF is, who Ben Bernanke is, Isis, Putin, etc. They basically talk about economics and I'm all totally getting it! Wohooo!

They then talked about  ASEAN integration and the whole Southeast Asian countries, and when they mentioned the Philippines, my ears perked up even more!

They asked me about the Philippine economy, they actually said that Philippines is getting a lot of attention internationally now ( that's what they said!). Somebody asked me about SM, JFC and SMC stocks. Of course, I told them what I know.

I learned a lot from listening to them. I wish I had a group of friends who talk stocks and economy like they do. The conversation really tickled my brain!

Going to bed with a full stomach and a full brain.


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