Sunday, April 13, 2014


Brampton Folding Bike H Type
EN 14764
City and Trekking Bicycles

I am excited as heck! After two months for contemplating, I finally bought a folding bike and I am happy! A priciest item I bought for myself to date! The cost? $ 1,721.00 plus 6 % tax, I paid $1,824.26 or more less PHP 80,000Now that I converted in pesos, I felt an ouchie, haha! Just slight.. really! I've justified the spending by saying how good I am when it comes to saving money. It has been a while since buying a "want".  Besides, I can afford it. I don't have to borrow money to buy it so go!

Why did I buy a folding bike?
  • I want to explore places. I am taking advantage of an awesome trail that could take you downtown. It is safe and you don't share road with cars. 
  • It is so compact and whenever I feel so tired, I can just fold it up, take a bus or a train to take me home. I can basically carry it whenever,wherever. It also has four tiny wheels that enables you to just roll it if you don't feel like carrying it. ( See second picture above)
  • It's unique! I've never even heard of one until my friend introduced me to it.
  • When I finally go home for good, I can just put it in a box so voila, kasama na sa 'pinas!
  • I can take it backpacking. I can take it to NZ, ha!

My first ride:

With an Ethiopian friend
 We happen to pass by a parade so we took a picture with that big man behind

Two of my friends and I went all the way to the airport, 14 miles going there, 14 miles going back. So far, so good! The only complain I  have is the saddle. My tosh hurts, I need to get use to it. It has been a while since I've ridden a bike, that's why.

Resting in a grassy area featuring my friends' bikes
They have a Tern and a  Dahon

This is what the bike looks like when parked
All smiles. I am a happy bee!


  1. Oh wow! Congrats for having RED, you deserve it girl!

    1. Yah, I deserved Red! Hahaha!

      I've been telling myself that to justify the spending that I made. Paminsan minsan lang and it really improves my outlook in life so go!

      Thanks for dropping by:)


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