Saturday, October 13, 2018

Metrobank Credit Card: Reversal of Late Charges

I was very pissed because I overlooked  my Metrobank credit card's due date. I'm always on top of this, but I guess nobody is perfect. I also have problems with receiving my statement of account. It happens to me twice na. When I called them, someone received my statement of account daw. Eh I'm just living by myself and my mailbox pa ako  sa may gate. Ugh! I opted for my statement of account to be e-mailed nalang. Besides, I found out that it's okay to pay at SM Payment Center without statement of account. 

Here's what I did to reverse the late charges.

1.  I called them. 
2.  I told the costumer service representative that I want to "negotiate" (Yep, that's the term I used. Not used to this thing!) for the reversal of my late charges. 
3. She told me that I should pay first and then call them again. 
4. I called them the next day. They said that I should call them back 3 to 4 business days to see if my request has been approved. Well, I don't need to call them back because I already found out that the late charge has been reversed. 

It doesn't hurt to call and negotiate.

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  1. Mabilis pala kausap ang Metrobank. My personal experience naman with Eastwest when it comes to reversal of annual fee is not good. Been a cardholder and a good payer since 2013 pero never talaga ako nawaive unless magpurchase ako for a minimum amount of 4k. I had so much of the same scheme every single year that i decided to permanently cancel my account.


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