Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It's Been a Month: Teaching Online, etc..

MARCH 15, 2016

Wow! I couldn't believe that it has been a month since I started teaching online. Time flies so fast when you're busy and when you're enjoying it at the same time!

Here are a glimpse of my online teaching experience ( so far):

  • The first day was kind of crazy! I was nervous as hell. Note to self: don't start online teaching when there is a construction going on coz nakakasira ng concentration! Promise! 
  • I taught five classes on my first day. Not bad for a newbie!
  • My first student became my regular student! Beginner's luck, they said!
  • In a month of teaching, I experienced:
  1.  No internet connection for a week. No classes held for a week and panira kasi I was under 2- week evaluation pa naman at that time!
  2. My laptop got broken and was fixed twice! Buti it was under warranty pa. First, the power button wasn't working so Dell came over to fix it. Second, the mother board went kapoot... so yah, you know how that goes!
  • Two-week evaluation wrapped up: They praised my voice coz buo daw and I can get the student's attention and my teaching style was praised too because I was able to not only correct student's grammar and intonation, I was also able to give praises to the students. CHOS! ( yes, may Skype recorder. They, meaning admin or whoever, can listen to your classes coz you need to submit the recorded file after the lesson.)However, they said that I need to get my internet connection straighten up. I told them that PLDT already fixed and rewired it, so everything is a-okay as of the mo.
  •  For a week of teaching, I earned Php 800! Oh, may pang bayad na ako sa MCWD! haha!
  • I've gotten a lot of good reviews from my students and one bad review, and why does one bad review hurts? Natatabunan ang mga good reviews because of that one bad review. That's how that goes, right? In my defense, I was new and I wasn't familiar with the book we were studying. The bad review wasn't posted by the admins in my page.
  • I only got few students in my first two weeks of teaching ( about two students a day more or less) and I think that was a good thing coz one, I was a newbie and I was still trying to familiarize with rules and such, teaching styles and all.
  • Now, I'm teaching between 5 to 10 classes everyday, except  Monday and Wednesday ( my days off.) I once thought 18 classes in a day!  Paos mode, promise! Now, I can manage my time better and I'm good at cancelling my hours na.
  • My quota, except off days, is 5 classes per day. Nowadays, I have been teaching more than 5 classes. 

So far I am enjoying this experience and I am planning to stick to this kind of work until my feelings changes... I don't know! We will see.


  1. Mukha ngang nag-eenjoy ka sa ginagawa mo sis! Kaya pala wala ka ng bagong blog post dito. Hehe. Anyway, mukhang kapag nagtuloy tuloy ang freelance work mo na yan matutupad na yung dream car mo!

  2. wow congrats maria! so happy to hear that your online job is doing well! could you possibly share more about what company is it? I am really wanting to work from home :) thank you


  3. congratulations on your part time work :)


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