Tuesday, December 15, 2015

To The Person Who Always Parks In Front Of My House

  • Why do you always park in front of my house, why not in front of your house? Oh, coz your house is in Y intersection. So why don't your park somewhere else and not in front of my property. We have huge parking lot just across the street, why not there? Or better yet, why not in front of that house beside me whose owner rarely comes to visit?
  • Don't you know that whenever you park in front of my house, it's hard for me to let Stark and Pepper go out? You know I always let them  out every 3 to 4 hours or so so they can do their business outside and your car gets in my way.
  • I do have visitors who come and visit me often who also parks in front of my house, you know?
  • One time, you saw us arrived and was about to knock on your door after we unload Stark and Pepper's food but you already turned off all your lights. You did that twice already and base on my observation, you are a night owl.
  • Yet again, just last night you parked IN FRONT OF MY GATE mere 38 hours after the Homeowner's Association told you not to park in front my property anymore. I had to gather my courage and knock on your door to tell you not to park there. Good thing it's your helper and daughters who answered and not you, I don't want any fights, just like you did to the other neighbor. Good thing also, right after I walked Pepper, I saw you moved your car in front of your house. Thanks for that.
  • You can afford a car, you surely can afford to build a garage. I saw she has some kind of a driveway though, don't know why she isn't using it.
  • I am tempted to slash your tires, but I wont. Maybe I will.
  • If you wont stop parking in front of my property, when a typhoon comes, there might be a falling object that will " accidentally" hits  your car. Ooopsies!
  • I know that curb isn't mine, that I don't have a deed to show for it but can you practice RESPECT? I know you won't like it when people park in front of your property for a longer period of time.
  • I am not being maarte, I let people park in front of my property. Case in point, when there was a party at our other neighbor's house, I didn't mind them parking. But you,  you who parks in front of my property then put a car cover on it? Mahiya ka naman.


  1. Put a lot of thumbtacks near the tires hahhaha

  2. i can relate to this MUCH. same thing happened and is happening to me, too. my neighbor from across the street has her own garage and she just refuses to use it, and choose to park in front of mine. had a talk with her, but it work for a time, but now her car is back. admittedly, every time i get home and take my keys out, i'm tempted na pa.kaswal na ibag.id sa car.. but luckily there's still a bit of sensibility in me. i have since then given up. how do you talk to someone who don't have the sensibilities?

  3. The last one is a LOL! hahhaha!


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